How Growth Rocket Became a Preferred Facebook Business Partner

It seems that Growth Rocket has a new achievement to feel festive about this Yuletide season (and it’s just on the heels of Google’s birthday): We’re now a Preferred Facebook...

Bernadette Catalan
Bernadette Catalan December 21, 2021

It seems that Growth Rocket has a new achievement to feel festive about this Yuletide season (and it’s just on the heels of Google’s birthday): We’re now a Preferred Facebook Business Partner.

It may sound like a mouthful, but all it means is that we’ll be able to take Facebook advertising to unprecedented highs thanks to our new premium status. 

Mike Villar, CEO of Growth Rocket, shares, “This is a huge achievement for the marketing team and the organization as a whole. We now have the distinction of being a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner.”

As exciting as it may be for us, our new status carries significant benefits for our clients. And now that we’re a listed partner, we have much better visibility and credibility.

How It Happened

Qualifying as a Facebook Business Partner means achieving consistent results across all Facebook platforms (search engine marketing has always been an integral part of our campaigns). Being a part of the Business Partner program means that we’ll be officially added to Facebook’s partner directory, strengthening our position and making us a cut above the rest. 

But before we became a preferred partner, Growth Rocket had to be evaluated according to a set of criteria:

Now we’re a part of Facebook’s global community of specialists recognized for their excellent service and technical expertise. It gives us a unique advantage to connect with new clients, access partner-exclusive resources, and display our Facebook Business Partner badge on our website.

Our Success Stories

We’ve worked with various companies and used Facebook advertising to achieve meaningful bottom-line results. Check out some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients through Facebook marketing below. 

To learn more about the results we’ve driven for clients, check out our other Case Studies on the Growth Rocket site.

What Does it Mean to Work With Us? 

When clients choose us, they can rest assured that they’re working with a reputable agency vetted and certified by Facebook. As a result, they can expect consistent and excellent results for their Facebook campaigns. 

As your partner, we can help uncover fresh insights, manage your ad campaigns, and measure results. Here’s why clients should work with a certified Facebook Business Partner:

Exclusive Tools

Our team uses advanced analytics tools and resources to improve campaign performance and ensure high conversions. Moreover, our clients get access to beta tests and releases of Facebook and Instagram, including integrations through its API. 

Paid Media Resources

Facebook Business Partners have agency-only access to client decks and collaterals, and follow best practices for campaign management and creative production.

Reliable Ad Support

When encountering technical issues with Facebook Ads Manager or troubleshooting a disabled ad account, it pays to work with a certified agency. A preferred Facebook Business Partner provides 24/7 support so clients won’t have to depend on Facebook’s general chat support feature.

Creative Consultations

Working with a preferred agency partner means getting creative support from a Facebook creative specialist. For example, clients can get recommendations on mobile-first best practices or creatives for multiple ad placement. 

Partner Badget & Directory Listing

The Facebook Business Partner badge sends a clear message that we uphold the highest standards of performance and service. Apart from the badge, we’re also included in Facebook’s directory list, giving us greater visibility among new clients.

Invite-only Events

Being certified means that we’re invited to agency-specific events like creative workshops, boot camps, and agency partner EXPO trainings. 

Find the Right Facebook Partner

Working with a reliable team of Facebook ad experts can help you maximize campaign effectiveness and increase your return on ad spend — and we are more than happy to help you get to the next level. 

Thanks to our Facebook Business Partner program, we can help bring your ad campaigns to greater heights. Get in touch with us or check out our blog for more related reading.

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