Future-Proof Solutions for Your Digital Commerce Business

Future-Proof Solutions for Your Digital Commerce Business

Magento is the open source web development platform behind hundreds of thousands of online marketplaces worldwide. It’s robust and scalable, and comes with more capabilities than ever. The only limit is your imagination. From the storefront to the backend, let Growth Rocket turn your website into an ecommerce powerhouse through this industry-leading platform.
Craft a Fully-Optimized Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Craft a Fully-Optimized Shopping Experience for Your Customers

The digital commerce landscape is growing tougher and more cluttered than ever. Have a website that reflects your brand, delights your customers, and boosts your sales with our help. Our certified Magento experts know the ins and outs of the platform and will strive to achieve the look, feel, and performance you envision for your online store.

Full-Stack Digital Commerce Solutions

Growth Rocket provides a full suite of Magento web development services for businesses across a wide range of industries and budgets. We serve brands across the globe, including the US, the UK, and Australia. Get a glimpse of what we do.

End-to-end Web Development

Building an ecommerce store from scratch? Magento is the perfect playground to let your imagination run wild. We’ve helped merchants across industries create unique digital experiences from the ground up.

Website & Data Migration

Migrating your store to Magento promises a more secure, seamless, and customized digital experience. Whatever platform you’re coming from, our team will take the wheel for a smooth migration journey.

Custom Extensions & API Integrations

Extend your site’s functionality and achieve the look you want with our help. We’ll build custom modules or plugins and integrate different platforms to personalize your selling tools and set your digital store apart.

Maintenance & Server Management

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive support and maintenance services. As your dependable technology partner, we’ll ensure your digital storefront drives growth and remains agile through change.

Get a revenue-driving & brand-reinforcing website.

Ecommerce has taken over people’s lives. Even traditional retail businesses are joining in the fun, which means the competition will only get fiercer. Step up your game by partnering with Growth Rocket.

We specialize in building digital experiences exclusively on Magento, a platform that has revolutionized the way people buy online. Whether you’re selling 10 or 10,000 products, we can adapt Magento to your needs.

UX & Branded Design

Storefronts that delight buyers & cement brands.

We craft high-caliber designs through extensive planning, wireframing, and design prototyping. We’ll work with you closely to understand your brand and perform in-depth research into your target audience and industry. The result? A digital store that puts your name to the fore and keeps customers coming back.

Performance Optimization

Fast & cleanly coded websites that bring in cash.

Our team transforms ordinary websites into well-oiled sales machines. We navigate the ins and outs of Magento and build bespoke system integrations to ensure your ecommerce store runs at maximum efficiency. We also work with our SEO team to make your website optimized for search before it even goes live.

Omnichannel Experience

Consistent customer experiences across channels.

As a full-stack digital agency, we are experts in delivering experiences of value throughout the customer journey. Our different teams collaborate to unite all your channels and align our strategy to your goals, budget, and inventory. This way, you’ll get a steady stream of leads flowing into your store.

Collaborate with Magento-Certified Experts

Our team will transform your digital capabilities and increase your online sales through enhanced customer experiences.

Our Formula For Success

As a top customer acquisition agency, we build ecommerce websites that are responsive, enjoyable, and in line with the latest UX/UI principles and SEO best practices. This results in an online store that gets a steady flow of traffic, leads, and conversions. Magento is a goldmine of opportunities to cement your brand and expand your business. We achieve this by following a simple but rigorously tested process:

Discuss Your Needs & Goals

Every business is unique, and your website should communicate that. We’ll dive deep into your brand, scope out your target market and competitive landscape, and understand your vision. We’ll combine our insights with your specifications to craft your store’s identity and functionality.

Plan Your Site’s Architecture

To make sure your site has a coherent skeletal framework, we will first plan and design its technical, functional, and visual components. We’ll create a model of how visitors and search engines will navigate your site and how your content will be organized.

Design Your Digital Storefront

With visual identity guidelines in place, we’ll start designing your ecommerce store. Our designers will realize your vision through high-fidelity and engaging images and motion graphics. Our writers will come in to bring your story forward and enrich the experience with crisp and enticing copy.

Set Up Servers & Deploy the Code

Once the design mockup is complete, we’ll begin coding. We’ll develop the building blocks of your store so it operates seamlessly round-the-clock. To create a seamless ecommerce experience that meets your needs and goals, we’ll deploy custom extensions and third-party API integrations.

Launch Your Store & Maintain

Once we connect all the dots and run several QA tests, we’re ready to open up shop. At this point, our channel experts will have already generated buzz before your store launches. Once your store is live, our work continues. We’ll regularly monitor your site and keep it running smoothly.

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