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We work with clients big and small, and we have a history of taking small local companies and turning them into formidable players in their respective industries—which is exactly what we intend to do for you.

The Growth Rocket Difference

We achieve this by understanding your business, figuring out what your business requires in order to achieve your goals and initiatives, and devising the most optimum end-to-end solution to facilitate high customer acquisition and maximum ROI.

What Makes Us Different?

We employ a process that requires the constant gathering and analyzing of data, which allows us to devise the most effective online strategy that perfectly aligns with market needs. Based on extensive market research and data evaluation, we help you create a highly compelling value proposition that is further strengthened by an appealing and persuasive way of presenting it to your target audience.

User Engagement

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the most important metrics we look at is user engagement. Conversions and revenue are dependent on whether users are coming to your website and behaving in the way you want them to. To determine this, we measure certain metrics that vary depending on the product and the type of engagement goals we are trying to achieve. These include:

  • User Frequency & Recency
  • Session Length
  • Core User Actions
  • Customer Stickiness

Customer Stickiness

Unless your business offers a one-time purchase product or service, there’s no better indication of product-market fit and overall strategy success than “sticky” customers. This is why we periodically look at frequent visitors, repeat customers, and repurchase rates, comparing past data to the most current data, to get an accurate stickiness figure.

Financial Performance

At the end of the day, the goal is to convert customers and make money. Therefore, one of the most critical metrics we look at is financial performance. We want to know the financial impact, in terms of cost and revenue, our processes are generating. To determine this, we look at a few key metrics:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Average Revenue per Account (ARPA)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Collaborate with Seasoned Ecommerce Developers

Our team will transform your digital capabilities and increase your online sales through enhanced customer experiences.

Our Formula for Success

Our goal is to build you an ecommerce website that’s responsive, enjoyable, and in line with the latest UX/UI principles and SEO best practices. This results in an online store that gets a steady flow of traffic, leads, and conversions. Magento is a goldmine of opportunities to cement your brand and expand your business. We achieve this by following a simple but rigorously tested process:

Discuss Your Needs & Goals

Every business is unique, and your website should communicate that. We’ll dive deep into your brand, scope out your target market and competitive landscape, and understand your vision. We’ll combine our insights with your specifications to craft your store’s identity and functionality.

Plan Your Site’s Architecture

To make sure your site has a coherent skeletal framework, we will first plan and design its technical, functional, and visual components. We’ll create a model of how visitors and search engines will navigate your site and how your content will be organized.

Design Your Digital Storefront

With visual identity guidelines in place, we’ll start designing your ecommerce store. Our designers will realize your vision through high-fidelity and engaging images and motion graphics. Our writers will come in to bring your story forward and enrich the experience with crisp and enticing copy.

Set Up Servers & Deploy the Code

Once the design mockup is complete, we’ll begin coding. We’ll develop the building blocks of your store so it operates seamlessly round-the-clock. To create a seamless ecommerce experience that meets your needs and goals, we’ll deploy custom extensions and third-party API integrations.

Launch Your Store & Maintain

Once we connect all the dots and run several QA tests, we’re ready to open up shop. At this point, our channel experts will have already generated buzz before your store launches. Once your store is live, our work continues. We’ll regularly monitor your site and keep it running smoothly.

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