Growth Rocket Addresses Recent Scams Using Its Name

We've been informed of scams that use Growth Rocket and its employees' names. This blog addresses these incidents and offers helpful tips to avoid them.

Mike Villar
Mike Villar April 25, 2023

The Growth Rocket team has recently learned about scams using the company’s name and employee identities. We want to clarify that we aren’t connected to these scams, which involve unusual requests, including immediate job offers. We only post job openings on Growth Rocket’s official Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Furthermore, our HR team only contacts applicants via We include this email address and an extensive list of details about the position in our job opening posts on social media. Our team members won’t hire applicants through text messages, which scammers have used to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Most importantly, we advise everyone to watch out for questionable messages or announcements using Growth Rocket or its employees. If you receive or see these suspicious messages, please report them to us immediately. Our team will compile your reports so we can take action against scammers.

How to Spot Suspicious Recruitment Messages or Job Offers

Watch out for these warning signs of a suspicious recruitment message or job offer.

The “Recruiter” Contacts the Applicant First

It’s normal for a legitimate hiring manager or employer to contact you on LinkedIn or other job-hunting sites. They may also ask you to send a resume and cover letter to a verified email address.

However, it may be a scam if they contact you out of the blue via text message or email if you never applied for the position first. It’s also suspicious for them to offer you an immediate job position or make a strange request. 

You Receive an Instant Job Offer

A legitimate hiring manager will never offer you a job on-the-spot through email, text message, or instant messaging services like Telegram or WhatsApp, especially if you didn’t apply or contact them first. 

The “Company” Offers Unusually High Salaries

Some job descriptions may offer extremely high pay well above the position’s typical range. If you notice this, dig deeper into the company and vacancy before applying.

You Receive Unclear Details & Requirements

Scam job offers provide almost no job details or ambiguous descriptions and requirements. 

Examples include entertaining only “literate” job candidates and asking for sensitive personal information, such as your social security number or address.

The “Recruiter” Tells You to Pay

Watch out for companies, recruiters, or job offers requiring payment from applicants. Genuine job opportunities will never ask you to pay for anything to apply for a job or after you receive a job offer. 

The Company Posts Unprofessionally Written Job Descriptions

Pay attention to how the recruiter writes a job opportunity or offer. Check emails or texts for grammatical errors, inconsistent syntax, and inappropriate writing. These are all signs of a scam job offer. 

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