Success Story

Increasing conversions and customer retention through paid ads & email marketing

Tenderbites, a meat retailing enterprise, teamed up with Growth Rocket to expand customer reach and ramp up conversions. Through Facebook and Google advertising, we drove a significant boost in conversions and generated greater customer retention.

Products & Strategy

  • Facebook Ads
  • Interest- and Behavior-based Targeting
  • Dayparting Strategy
  • A/B Testing
  • Google Ads Management
  • Remarketing List for Search Ads
  • Display Remarketing
  • Similar Audiences Discovery
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Email Marketing

increase in Facebook ad conversions


increase in Google ads conversions


Increase in ecommerce revenue


Increase in ecommerce purchases

Their Story

Your Local Premium Meat Butcher

Tenderbites is a premium meat retailer in the Philippines. It supplies imported meat including USDA angus, Japanese wagyu, Korobuta pork, and lamb for special occasions. It also offers customized meat cuts prepared by skilled butchers and delivered straight to a customer’s doorstep. Since 1990, it has been the go-to shop for top-quality, aged meat products for middle to high-income families.

Their Goal

Expand Market Reach & Improve Customer Acquisition through Paid Ads

Tenderbites wanted to expand its reach to untapped markets by amplifying its online presence through Facebook and Google ads. To achieve this, Tenderbites needed a partner that could assist in paid search campaign management while minimizing costs. Growth Rocket developed a strategy to increase conversions and improve paid ads revenue.

Facebook Conversions and Revenue

Growth Rocket's Solution

Facebook Advertising

We harnessed the power of Facebook ads to place Tenderbites’ key differentiator front and center: customized premium meat cuts. To boost ad performance, we employed dayparting strategies to reach the right people at the right time.

Stay-at-Home Customers

With COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown measures in place, fewer people are leaving the house. With this in mind, we aligned our strategy to reflect the current climate and targeted stay-at-home customers. We emphasized free delivery options, and crafted ad copy that would appeal to their need to enjoy home-cooked meals made from premium cuts.


HomemakersHome-cooking cuts
HomemakersSpecialty cuts

Dayparting & Ad Scheduling

For maximum impact, we adopted a dayparting strategy to tickle the senses and target the right customers at the right time. We split the day into three segments (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to deliver well-timed ads for homemakers. Depending on the schedule, we tailored our ads to reflect morning, noon, and evening meal times. By doing this, we were ramping up brand visibility and encouraging more customers to convert.

Dayparting & Ad Scheduling

Enhancing Customer Value

We added the cherry on top by banking on Tenderbites’ unique selling proposition: customized meat cuts. We crafted our ads to focus on customer value by emphasizing the brand’s personalized, premium meat cuts. Then to push customers one step closer down the funnel, we provided the assurance that they could order from the comfort of their homes and have the meat delivered right to their doorstep.

Google Purchases and Conversions

Growth Rocket's Solution

Google Ads Management

With the power of Google ads, we kept Tenderbites top-of-mind for their customers. Through a combination of display ads and search ads remarketing, we focused on re-engaging inactive customers.

RLSA Ad Groups

Leveraging Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Our goal was to connect with people who had visited the Tenderbites website who hadn’t placed an order yet. Keeping this in mind, we designed our ads to attract more prospects to the top of the conversion funnel. Unlike traditional remarketing, we only served up our ads to people searching for related keywords. This approach helped Tenderbites maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Utilizing Google Ads’ Expanded Text Ads

We wanted to maximize the brand’s presence on the top of the SERPs. Through expanded text ads, we drove more traffic and valuable clicks to their website. We opted for this type of ad because its longer and takes up more space than other search ads. We used the additional headlines and longer descriptions to our advantage to provide greater customer value.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Email Marketing

Email is a cost-effective and personal channel for customer retention. Through the power of email, we sent out weekly email campaigns covering bestseller cuts, discount promos, and more. The end goal was to maximize the lifetime value of loyal customers and encourage them to purchase again.

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