Success Story

Dominating the Point of Sale market in the PH using Facebook and Google Ads

StoreHub, a leading retail operating system for SME’s across Southeast Asia, partnered with Growth Rocket to cement its presence in the Philippines. Through Facebook and Google Advertising, the team was able to ramp up the brand’s lead acquisition and regional penetration. The collaboration has led to meaningful bottom-line results since the engagement kicked off in July 2019.

Products & Strategy

  • Facebook Discovery Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook Mobile Placement
  • Strategic Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Strategic Geotargeting

Increase in the total number of leads acquired


Reduction in cost per Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)


Increase in total Marketing Qualified Leads acquired

Their Story

A simple but powerful business solution

StoreHub is more than a cloud-based Point of Sale app, it’s a suite of technologies designed for the F&B, retail, and service industries. It comes with an intuitive dashboard for sales, inventory, and performance tracking, an eCommerce platform, and complementary POS hardware. These can all be customized to the unique needs and goals of a growing business. StoreHub is currently powering thousands of local brands and over 13,000 more across Southeast Asia.

Their Goal

Generate Marketing Qualified Leads cost-efficiently

StoreHub’s sales team in the PH needed a marketing lift to amplify brand awareness and scale growth at minimal costs. With the PH being the brand’s second-largest market, StoreHub needed a partner to localize its Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. Growth Rocket stepped in with the goal to drive and increase Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) at the lowest possible overhead.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Facebook Advertising

Strategic discovery and remarketing ads

Our advertising flow anchored on the target audience’s (business owners) daily pain points, followed by StoreHub’s unique selling propositions highlighted as solutions to these problems. We identified single and multiple advertising touchpoints and mapped them accordingly to where they lie in the customer lifecycle. This resulted in on-point ads and cost-efficient lead acquisition.

Business Owners

Best Performing Ad


Soft Sell


Interest- and behavior-based targeting

We tapped into business owners’ interests and behaviors and created buyer personas, which we used to craft our messaging. This technique resulted in more relevant and engaging ads, which greatly contributed to our success.

Lifestyle Interests / Behaviors

  • Purchases
  • Traveling
  • Dining
  • Banking
  • Car Ownership
  • Studies

Indicators of POS interest

  • Business Financial Goals
  • Personal Financial Goals
  • Business Interest
  • Reading Interest
  • Job Titles

Result- and quality-driving creatives

Our team worked closely with StoreHub to add local flair to their existing ad repository. We also helped them create new ones based on our research and understanding of the market. We played around and tested a variety of creative and copy combinations to ensure we matched the right message with the right audience. We regularly kept track of ad performance and fine-tuned our budget optimization strategy to make sure we hit (and even exceed) our targets.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Landing Page Optimization

Any Facebook advertising strategy wouldn’t be as effective without a high-converting landing page. By fusing compelling content and smart optimization, you can easily turn Facebook engagement into high-quality leads. After split-testing multiple variations, we were able to craft a well-optimized dynamic landing page that influenced a 56.46% conversion rate improvement for StoreHub.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Google Ads Management

  • Competitive bidding strategy – the team employed the “target cost per acquisition” campaign configuration, which contributed to controlled spending and lead acquisition cost.
  • Structured keywords – irrelevant ads can turn people off and blow the budget, which is why our team ensured that StoreHub ads are being served to the right people, at the right time. We achieved this by carefully mapping out the campaign structure based on specific factors, including stage in the marketing funnel, geographic targeting, conversion action type, product type, and so on. The aim was to optimize this based on StoreHub’s goals and key metrics.
  • Discovery and remarketing campaigns – after uncovering a significant volume of POS-related search terms in the PH, Growth Rocket stepped in to ensure that StoreHub doesn’t miss an opportunity to acquire leads. Echoing the team’s Facebook Ads strategy, our search marketing team leveraged Discovery and Remarketing ads to drive MQL volume.
  • Negative keywords and search terms – by diligently weeding out negative keywords and search terms, we were able to tighten the relevance of ad groups and avoid wasted spend. Doing this also allowed us to have a firm grasp of Point of Sale queries being keyed into Google.

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