Growth Rocket Email Marketing

Boost Open and Click-through Rates with Personalized Email Campaigns

Target the right people with messages that matter. Growth Rocket crafts emails that resonate with your target audience. Inspire your readers to take action with personalized content. Embrace a better way to communicate with your audience and make your business grow. Connect and engage with audiences by unlocking the potential of email marketing today.
Growth Rocket Email Marketing

Get full visibility of your email campaign’s sales pipeline in real-time.

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with CRM and watch as your engagement rates go off the charts. CRM connects with your existing marketing tools so you can identify leads that convert. That means you can compare your ROI with your marketing spend and refine your campaign for optimum results. CRM gives you a bird’s eye view of your campaign performance so you’ll never be in the dark again.

Make Meaningful Connections with a Personalized Touch

Email is an essential tool for engaging with leads and customers. Pair it with contextual CRM info and analytics to make your content pack a powerful punch. When you manage your customer emails with CRM, it’s easier to get immediate alerts from deals and contacts, send replies or follow-ups, and make important notes. Make campaign management hassle-free with CRM data.

Immediate Status Updates

Never miss out on the action by linking CRM to your email campaigns.

CRM systems are compatible with any email, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Your CRM platform informs you when your emails have been sent, opened, and read. Single out people who fail to respond well and are ready to close. Use advanced filters and zero in on prospects so you can strategically plan your follow-ups.

Schedule Email Messages

Get your message across at the exact moment they would be receptive to.

Decide when you want to send emails to your prospects. Just set a preset time so you get your brand in front of your customers when the time is right. Scheduling your emails also allows you to widen your net so you can send mass emails or personalized, follow-ups. And you can create auto-responders so you never miss a beat.

Draft Emails Effortlessly

Create and monitor email campaign progress from one place.

Managing your email campaigns doesn’t have to be a chore. You can design templates so you won’t have the face the tedium of drafting the same emails over and over. It’s also easier to create reports to find out which emails have the highest and lowest open rates. Start engaging with inactive prospects today.

Meet Your Next Email Marketing Team

Email is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient digital marketing channels out there. But achieving your desired results is no walk in the park. You need to team up with a seasoned customer acquisition agency with vast expertise and cutting-edge tools under their belts.

Engage With Customers at a Glance

Your customers don’t want to just be a part of the crowd anymore. And what better way to make prospects special than by personalizing your brand message? CRM and email marketing gives your brand a voice through valuable, targeted emails. Your readers would shy away from calling them spam. Make every interaction count with hyper-focused, data-driven campaigns that deliver real results.

Clearly Defined Market

Traditional email marketing has allowed brands to connect with a large pool of prospects. But the lack of personalization translated into a relatively low engagement rate. CRM aligns your email marketing plan to focus on specific people, instead of broad, ambiguous audiences.

Meaningful, Relevant Offers

You can’t blame your customers—they’ll automatically label unsolicited offers as spam. Email marketing with CRM helps you make interactions more meaningful by factoring in customer interests, shopping habits, and the like.

Hard-Hitting Campaigns

Track email marketing performance in real time and optimize your campaigns as you go. Consider customer data like demographics, purchase history, personal interests and voila: you’ll have a hyper focused campaign that targets your ideal customers with precision.

A Unified Platform

Pitch the right marketing message and make sure it doesn’t land on deaf ears. We harness the power of email by using the best email automation tool with a personal touch. Segment emails into lists, set up auto campaigns, and monitor campaign performance with ease.

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