Generate Targeted Traffic from Active, Engaged Customers

Facebook connects users with friends and family. It’s designed for sharing personal updates and information, like vacation photos and status updates. This makes it a great platform for active, engaged traffic. Growth Rocket uses Facebook to fuel your business growth. Every like and connection yields detailed user profiles that help us create targeted ads.

Ramp Up Conversions through Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook is the king of social networks. Advertising on Facebook is a tremendous way to increase traffic, acquire loyal customers, and create communities. You’ll have the chance to target audiences by location, demographic, gender, interests, and connections. And when your customers share your content, you can amplify the reach of your content even more.

Collaborate with Facebook Blueprint Certified Planners

Facebook contains one of the largest pools of active online users. It offers marketers the opportunity to create targeted and optimized ads. The best Facebook ads are relevant, hyper-targeted, localized, have a clear, enticing message, and more importantly, they contain eye-catching visuals and design.

Behind these converting ads are strategic, forward-thinking planners. Leave your ad strategy to our certified, battle-hardened team and watch the likes and comments come pouring in. You can expect only the best from the leading customer acquisition agency in the US, UK, and Australia.

Reach Engaged Users Online

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network. Statistics show that it has over 2.45 billion active users in 2019 alone. And every minute, Facebook garners over 4.1 million likes for posts, comments, photos, and status updates. Get your brand out there by connecting with this massive pool of engaged users.

Get Your Message to the Right People

Facebook features incredible targeting options. Facebook ads allow your business to target audiences by location, demographics, age, gender, and behavior. The app also allows you to tap into recent purchase behavior, show off your creativity with life-event targeting, and create custom audiences to nurture leads.

Make Every Penny Count

Relying on organic activity on your business page to get traction just won’t cut it. Facebook lets you expand your reach at a fraction of the cost of other online marketing channels. All you need to do is set reasonable daily Facebook budgets so you can keep the costs down.

Meet Your Next Facebook Advertising Team

Growth Rocket does Facebook Advertising the way it’s meant to be, all thanks to its seasoned, certified team. Our team is trained in developing advanced ad campaigns to grow our client’s businesses and drive results that matter to them.

Set Up a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook’s ad targeting function that lets you pinpoint specific people most likely to buy from your brand. This way, you can connect with people who are ready to click-through and convert.

Just make sure you define your goals clearly before launching your campaign. You may opt to introduce your brand (awareness), encourage interactions with prospects (consideration), or convince buyers to become full-fledged customers (conversions).

Use Eye-Catching Images to Grab Attention

Facebook ad rules dictate that your ad should contain more visuals than text. As a general rule of thumb, 80% of your ad should be an image or photo. So make sure the image you choose catches your audience’s attention.

Get Your Message Out to the Right Audience

You won’t have to worry about questionable, out-of-market clickers on Facebook. The app features granular targeting capabilities that allow you to dig deep into customer behavior, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, and locations.

Top Off Your Ad with a Compelling CTA

Any form of engagement is a plus on Facebook. But at the end of the day, you’re on the hunt for clicks. Drive conversions with a strong call to action. Your CTA should encourage direct, specific action so people can learn more or follow your brand.

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