Growth Rocket Ties Up With Attentive For More Top-Notch Marketing Experiences

Good news from Team GR: We’re now an Attentive Partner! Find out what it means to us here.

Mike Villar
Mike Villar April 13, 2023

Since Growth Rocket’s inception, it has delivered winning, future-proof digital marketing solutions for its diverse set of clients. Now, the agency seeks to create more meaningful experiences by partnering with Attentive, the world’s #1 SMS marketing platform.

Growth Rocket has joined Attentive’s partner program, which helps today’s top and emerging brands increase their value. Three agency and referral partner tiers comprise this program.

The Benefits of Being an Attentive Partner

As an Attentive Pioneer, Growth Rocket enjoys the following benefits.

Attentive Partner Directory Listing

Attentive lists signed partners on its Partner Directory, allowing the platform’s users to connect with agencies or companies that can help meet their needs. In addition, Attentive’s partners can access their listings and update them with valuable content, videos, and reviews.

Access to a Partner Portal

Dedicated Partner Managers help new agency and technology partners access Attentive’s Partner Portal. The hub provides partners with co-branded assets, onboarding, and sales dashboards.

Marketing Content & Support

The Partner Portal also contains marketing templates, guides, and co-marketable content. Agency and technology partners can use these resources to boost their expertise and optimize their campaigns.

Furthermore, Attentive can aid in developing joint content, virtual and in-person events, and other go-to-market tactics. Selected partner tiers offer this strategic support.

Partner Badge

Attentive’s partners gain an official badge customized by tier. They can display this badge on company websites, client-facing resources, or other marketing materials.

Attentive Partner Product Certification

This 100% free, on-demand credential helps Attentive’s partners understand SMS marketing and how to attract customers. In-house SMS experts guide partners toward earning their product certification. With this credential, companies can gain new skills and clients.

A Dedicated Partner Manager

Attentive matches each partner to a dedicated manager. Partner Managers guide partners through the partner program and discuss how they can deliver better results. These individuals also help agency and brand partners onboard new clients and achieve their growth goals.

Other Benefits

Being an Attentive Pioneer also comes with these benefits.

What This Partnership Means For The Growth Rocket Team

SMS marketing is a booming channel. Its rise continued in 2022, with brands sending 62.3% more marketing texts. Growth Rocket has realized SMS marketing’s potential as a revenue generator, going as far as testing it on E-commerce clients. As an Attentive partner, the agency can learn more about SMS marketing and use expert insights to craft effective campaigns.

Moreover, the partner product certification will further diversify Growth Rocket’s services. The agency’s current solutions include content marketing and paid advertising that have driven stellar results. But through this partnership, SMS marketing can become another key tool in Growth Rocket’s arsenal.

Working with Attentive will also increase Growth Rocket’s competitive advantage. Web development and strategic leadership have made the agency stand out. A deeper dive into SMS marketing can help the Growth Rocket team convince potential clients to work with it in this area.

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