Success Story

Dominating the Premium Collectibles Market with a Holistic Customer Acquisition Strategy

Anotoys partnered with Growth Rocket with the goal to embed the brand in the local premium toy collectibles market. Our team used a suite of customer acquisition strategies, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, e-commerce web development, and content marketing to drive conversions and boost revenue.

Products & Strategy

  • Fandom-based Ads and Targeting (Interest-based Targeting)
  • Product Feed
  • Collection Ads
  • Catalog Ads
  • Geek-speak Advertising Copy
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Technical and On-Page SEO

Increase in revenue


Increase in conversion volume


Increase in organic users

Their Story

A Premier Online Store for Toys & Premium Collectibles

Anotoys is an online toy store that distributes collectibles from various fandoms and franchises. The store carries anything from novelty items and Funko Pops to articulated action figures and high-end figurines of famous Marvel, DC, Transformers, and anime characters.

Their Goal

Increase Overall Revenue and Reach

Anotoys aims to reach out to different demographics, from beginner and hardcore collectors to toy photographers and hardcore comic book fans. The brand also aims to leverage multiple channels to solidify its authority in collectible toys in the Philippines and beyond. Anotoys called on Growth Rocket to help increase its sales and embed itself in various toy communities.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Facebook Advertising

Anotoys wanted to stand out from typical online toys and collectibles stores. Instead of simply showing pre-orders and new arrivals on ads, Growth Rocket used Interest-based targeting and created collection and fandom-based ads.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Fandom-based & Collection Ads

We internalized what Anotoys and its products are all about to come up with genuine advertising copies that fans can relate to and appreciate. Fandom-based ads focus on a particular character or group of characters that have a huge following. Collection ads, on the other hand, focus more on a type of toy line to diversify the SKUs being promoted via Facebook ads. We released these ads in conjunction with what’s currently being talked about in the toy and geek community.

Best-Performing Ads

  • Batman – Collection Ad
  • Avengers – Bestsellers – Fandom – 1:1
  • Catalog Sales – Bobble Head – Collection
Growth Rocket's Solution

Riding the Geek and Pop Culture Hype Train

To position Anotoys as an authority in its niche, we featured current and upcoming events related to geek and pop culture. We launched a diverse range of ads featuring upcoming movies and TV series and celebrating character and film anniversaries. By using relatable events as themes to promote their corresponding products in Anotoys’ inventory, we were able to build interest and demand.


  • “The Last Dance” Netflix documentary series on Michael Jordan
  • The Joker’s 80th anniversary
  • 15th anniversary of Batman Begins
  • New Evangelion film
  • Green Lantern 80th anniversary
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary
  • Sideshow Con 2020

Best-Performing Ads

The Facebook ads from Month 4 to 6 used relevant events to promote related products, giving collectors and fanatics that much-needed fan service. These informed geek-speak advertising copies led to 123.35% in revenue attributed to Facebook ads alone in just two months. For example, we put Michael Jordan collectibles ads front and center to take advantage of Netflix’s The Last Dance hype. Other well-performing ads include character anniversaries like the 80th Anniversary of the Joker and Batman Begins’ 15th Anniversary. We used these as a means to promote Anotoys’ varied Joker- and Batman-related collections but also to tap into specific niches that already have a strong following in the local market.

Revenue vs Purchases

Growth Rocket's Solution

Maximizing Google Advertising

We also utilized Google Ads to build on the momentum and further expand Anotoys’ reach. Using remarketing campaigns, shopping campaign ads, and search network performing ads, Growth Rocket was able to boost the attributed revenue to Google from Month 4 to 6 to 1214.23%

  • 457.47% increase in conversions
  • 428.98% increase in revenue

Google Revenue During Father’s Day Sale Campaign

361.58% improvement in attributed revenue

374.36% improvement in attributed purchases

Facebook Revenue During Father’s Day Sale Campaign

80.06% improvement in attributed revenue

95.14% improvement in attributed purchases

Growth Rocket's Solution

Father’s Day Sale

Growth Rocket also highlighted events and holidays with gift-giving ads. We rolled out Anotoys’ Father’s Day Sale campaign to appeal to customers and offer them unique gift ideas at a bargain. The existing ad creative roster was tweaked to contextualize regular ads with the running Father’s Day Sale Campaign. The campaign also transitioned into a Mid-Year Sale after Father’s Day weekend to keep it relevant. The campaign led to a significant increase in revenue.

Growth Rocket's Solution

Website Content Overhaul

Creating Unique Category Pages & Product Descriptions

Anotoys categorizes its products by brand or manufacturer, as well as by character or franchise. The brand’s sales pages used to contain manufacturer’s descriptions or none at all. Growth Rocket overhauled these product descriptions and optimized them for SEO, while also injecting a bit of geek speak to make them more engaging.

The homepage copy was also overhauled to put Anotoys’s best products and USPs front and center. The copy featured both premium and best-selling brands, with each linked to their respective category pages for better navigation.

  • Organic sessions increased by 104.33%
  • We were able to improve the monthly average in organic sessions from -22.43% to 36.57% four months into the project
  • Organic users increased by 174.68%
  • We also increased the monthly average in organic users from -32.66% to 84.38% four months into the project

Creating Relevant & Informative Content

Content marketing and SEO copywriting have been key strategies in our goal to boost Anotoys’ search presence. The website overhaul led to a significant increase in organic sessions.

Pages crawled per day
Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)

Quick Wins with Long-Term Effects

Other SEO enhancements that we implemented on the website include 503 Status Fix, Robots.txt Update, and the Creation of XML sitemap. We removed first the security validation which prevented the bots from crawling the website, updated the robots.txt file which prevented bots from crawling unnecessary pages, and submitted a new XML sitemap. These quick wins helped improved the following:

  • Pages downloaded per day
  • Time spent downloading the page
  • Indexed Pages

We were also able to improve the time spent downloading the page, bringing it from an average of 1554 milliseconds to 649 milliseconds today. These fixes along with the unique copies on product pages led to a drastic increase in Indexed pages, leading to more displayed pages on Google SERP and leading to more website traffic.

We also created other enhancements that will improve website traffic in the long run. These include:

  • Dynamic Meta Tag Implementation – Optimized title tag and meta description
  • Added Content Containers – Implemented this to upload copies on the website.
  • Canonical Implementation – Implemented this to handle the website’s duplicate URLs.
Growth Rocket's Solution

Creating a Seamless Shopping Experience with Product & Engineering

Home Page Redesign

Growth Rocket, in an effort to further improve the marketing potential of the home page, added in new sections to the page type such as a “Featured” and a “Brands” section. This allows the marketing team to push popular products and brands within the fold for better merchandising. A month after its release, this simple change led to an increase in home page conversion rates from 1% to 1.30%.

Product Details Page Redesign

Growth Rocket also implemented several user experience modifications to Anotoys’ Product Details Pages. Among other things, the team has made changes by adding the following:

  • Marked down banner on on-sale skus
  • A modified product zoom mechanism
  • An on-click product zoom pop-up
  • Improved textual hierarchy
  • An add-to-cart popup
  • Inclusion of trust badges
  • Improved textual hierarchy on product description
  • Modified product tags/badges section
  • Various share buttons (social media, wishlist, email to a friend)
  • Modified “sold-out” CTA for items that are OOS

Prior to this change, this page type has a conversion rate of 0.83%. Upon release, Growth Rocket has seen gains of up to 2.22%.

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