Growth Rocket Caps Off the Year with a Streetwear-themed Christmas Party

  If there’s one thing you should know about Growth Rocket, it’s how much we value everyone’s work-life balance. When it’s time to get that bread, we do our...

Rafael Villanueva
Rafael Villanueva January 6, 2020


If there’s one thing you should know about Growth Rocket, it’s how much we value everyone’s work-life balance. When it’s time to get that bread, we do our absolute best to maximize our level of productivity all throughout the week. But when it’s time to party, you better believe we throw ones that anyone would want to be part of. Here are some of the highlights of that night:

After a hard week’s work last December 13, the Rocketeers headed straight to Amare La Cucina located just a couple of kilometers east of Growth Rocket HQ. For this party, everyone was tasked to don an outfit in the ‘streetwear’ category. For the uninitiated, that means baggy joggers, fancy sneakers, cool bucket hats/beanies, and of course, trusty fanny packs. Everyone in the office brought their A-game and it was certainly a night of eyecatching ‘fits.

Chirstmas party streetwear outfits

Bhea, Andrew, and Hanna donning their streetwear fits

streetwear-themed Christmas party

Former team member Ken drops by

The party’s organizing committee collected votes from everyone as to who had the party’s best drips. By the end of the night, it was GR’s power couple MC and Avi who won the Best Outfit honors in their respective categories. 

best dressed male and female streetwear party

Couple of the century Avi and MC win Best Dressed Male and Female

And speaking of style, shout out to Growth Rocket’s very talented Hanna. This lady deserves all kinds of recognition for drawing up this vibrant and imaginative collage artwork for the venue’s stage backdrop. Talk about talent!

Hosts Josh and Jesel facilitated a few games to keep the energy going throughout the night. The night started off with a quick game of Flip Cup, a game wherein the players had to down a cup of beer and flick the empty cup so that it stood upside down. Then there was a version of charades that had the secret word mimed by a line of people. The word would then have to be guessed by the last person in the line. Other games played that night were Rage Cage, Streetwear Trivia Game, and Role My Ball. A little later that night, Kris Kringle gifts were exchanged too.

party game flip cup

Raffy, Mich, Karl, and Kaloy win a round of Flip Cup



drinking game shoot the ball

Emcee Josh explains game mechanics

An hour or so into the party, dinner was served—much to the delight of everyone in the room. It was well worth the wait when everyone got to dig into a multi-course meal. Mouths all across the room began to water as servers filled tables with a variety of Italian dishes – plates of salad, pasta, chicken wings, and ribs. Of course, it wouldn’t have been an authentic Amare la Cucina experience without the dish that people rave about the most, their brick-oven pizzas. If you’re ever in the mood for brick-oven pizza and other delicious Italian dishes, make sure you head over the Amare La Cucina and try out their goods.


Italian dinner at Amare la Cucina

Nothing beats eating pizza straight from a brick oven

And of course, what Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a raffle? There were several prizes to be won that night. The most notable win of that night went to MC, who won the grand prize: a 32-inch LED TV! If that wasn’t awesome enough, he then proceeded to announce that he and Avi are expecting a baby soon, which made everyone’s hearts melt.


After the party in Amare La Cucina, everyone who wanted to have more fun headed back to Growth Rocket HQ. Some chose to boot up the good ol’ Magic Sing and belt out a few karaoke songs. Others went and grabbed a few more rounds of drinks to cap off what proved to be a very memorable night.

To cap off the night, our CEO Mike Villar gave a brief but heartfelt speech to the whole team, thanking them for coming to the party and, most of all, for being valuable assets to the team. He talked about how Growth Rocket was become more profitable than most startups of this size and egged everyone on to continue to work hard in the coming year.

A steady work-life balance is one of the keys to maintaining a productive and happy workforce. While we always make it a point to consistently put in our best work, we at Growth Rocket always make sure we have a good time too. Having fun can have nothing but good side effects for a company (as long as it’s done in moderate amounts), and what’s a better time to have fun than during the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season!

We wish everyone a delightful holiday season, and a prosperous 2020 ahead! We hope you had a delightful Christmas party, too!



The Growth Rocket team


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