Mike Villar

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Villar

Mike Villar

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Mike! I am data-driven, Lean principles-guided digital marketing and business intelligence executive with extensive “big company” experience. Before co-founding and taking the lead at Growth Rocket, I was building and growing enterprise-level ecommerce brands and digital marketplaces. I’ve built and managed teams that range in size, from startups to NASDAQ-listed internet retailers with multi-million dollar budgets. After an eight-year run as Marketing Director at US Auto Parts, I got pulled in by the siren call of startups. I ended up working on three venture-backed startups as Chief Marketing Officer. Houman and I set up Growth Rocket in 2015, and I started working on the company exclusively in 2017. On May 2019, I was selected as a Growth Mentor at 500 Startups, the world’s most active early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator.

I (and Growth Rocket as an extension) treat marketing as a science. Our approach involves a lot of controlled experimentation, which is the reason we drive results for our clients. When I have time to spare, I read graphic novels and comic books.

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Freshworks Experience NXT

Last year has seen many businesses embracing the digital-first world. While the world began working remotely, even experiences moved from being from out there to in here, from physical to digital. The experience economy is at full throttle and digital experiences are the future.

The world as we knew it has changed. Building a great today is not enough, businesses need to stay one step ahead. They need to be thinking of what’s NXT.

Experience NXT is a platform to help millions of businesses do just this. It brings together experts and businesses to collaborate, inspire, and create the NXT.

Freshworks Fireside chat on “How Culture Contributes to a Happy, Productive Sales Force

According to findings from our study with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services: “81% of very happy sales teams reported increases in annual sales over two years” That a Happy sales culture leads to superior performance is not new to a Sales leader like you. But how does this connection really work? How do catch-phrases like “work hard, play hard” impact the culture of the sales team? And does a happy sales team even lead to great performance?”

Saola Accelerator

Mike is a Growth Mentor at 500 Startups Vietnam's Saola Accelerator. 500 Startups’ flagship accelerator has been named a Top 3 accelerator in the U.S. by notable publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur. 500 Startups has also been running growth programs in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The Saola Accelerator is 500’s latest step in its mission to back talented entrepreneurs all over the world, help them build companies at scale, and develop thriving ecosystems around the world.

Digitize the Philippines

Mike is a speaker at Digitize the Philippines 2020. Digitize the Philippines is a digital conference launched by Axadra Ventures to address the growing need for digitization in the country. It aims to address, educate, and implement digital solutions for Filipino businesses to help them be competitive in the global market.

Freshworks Fireside chat on "How to build a Future-Proof Customer Acquisition Strategy"

In this exclusive fireside chat, Mike talked about how to acquire new customers in a post-pandemic world and how having a future-proof and resilient customer acquisition strategy ensures that your business thrives today and in the future. He also talked about how small businesses need to adapt to the changing demands of customers and best practices on how you can maximize customer lifetime value in the current climate.

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