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E-commerce is what we do best. We work with clients big and small, and we have a history of taking small local companies and turning them into formidable players in their respective industries—which is exactly what we intend to do for you.


We achieve this by understanding your business, figuring out what your business requires in order to achieve your goals and initiatives in the online space, and devising the most optimum end-to-end solution to facilitate high customer acquisition and maximum ROI.

How We Do It

Customer and Market Research

Our main objective is to ensure that your product aligns with both customer needs and market needs. Customer development and market research are essential to the process of product development and management as it allows us to see how well you’re currently doing, pinpoint all problems that have a negative impact on your processes, and come up with solutions and tests that would be help us fully optimize your e-commerce experience.

Build, Measure, & Learn

Using the data we’ve gathered and the hypotheses we’ve formed, we then move on to the building and testing phase. We employ extensive research, rapid prototyping, and experimentation to turn the best theories into viable and profitable e-commerce products.

Product Audit

To come up with the best and most optimized e-commerce experience for your brand, we must first perform a comprehensive audit. We take an unbiased look at any possible issues, grade the process or solutions that are being used to address them, and formulate our own data-driven hypotheses.

Explore & Exploit

Product development and management is a continuous process. We do periodic tests, surveys, and research to determine areas that can be tweaked or changed to make the entire process better. Following the data gathering process, we go back to building, measuring, and learning in order to continually make significant product improvements.

What are the Benefits?

Problem-Solution Fit

The best products are those that aim to address the most common pain points for your target consumers. We perform extensive customer surveys, interviews, and tests to ensure that your product is a fitting solution for the problem it’s supposed to solve.

Limited Risk of Product Failure

With proper product development and management, you can greatly limit the risk of product failure. Using an ongoing influx of reliable data, we are able to cultivate a deep understanding of the customer’s wants and needs, as well as the many market nuances that can impact the product’s success. Having this insight allows us to minimize product failure by implementing research-based innovation, finding and acting on market opportunities, and improving processes as needed.

Future-Proof Business

Success today won’t always mean success tomorrow. With the ever-changing landscape of global e-commerce, every business needs to put safeguards in place to future-proof themselves from possible search engine or market changes. Our carefully planned, data-driven development and management process protects your business by providing you with an end-to-end e-commerce experience that’s built for longevity and sustainability.

Product-Market Alignment

We employ a process that requires the constant gathering and analyzing of data, which allows us to devise the most effective online strategy that perfectly aligns with market needs. Based on extensive market research and data evaluation, we help you create a highly compelling value proposition that is further strengthened by an appealing and persuasive way of presenting it to your target audience.

Consistent Experience

If you want potential customers or clients to successfully convert, you have to give them a reason to trust you and your product. One way to obtain this trust is through consistency, which is why we always aim to provide a consistent e-commerce experience across the board—from the moment the user enters the buying funnel up to the exact point that they leave.

Our Key Metrics & Reporting

User Engagement

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the most important metrics we look at is user engagement. Conversions and revenue are dependent on whether users are coming to your website and behaving in the way you want them to. To determine this, we measure certain metrics that vary depending on the product and the type of engagement goals we are trying to achieve. These include:

  • User Frequency & Recency
  • Session Length
  • Core User Actions

Customer Stickiness

Unless your business offers a one-time purchase product or service, there’s no better indication of product-market fit and overall strategy success than “sticky” customers. This is why we periodically look at frequent visitors, repeat customers, and repurchase rates, comparing past data to the most current data, to get an accurate stickiness figure.

Financial Performance

At the end of the day, the goal is to convert customers and make money. Therefore, one of the most critical metrics we look at is financial performance. We want to know the financial impact, in terms of cost and revenue, our processes are generating. To determine this, we look at a few key metrics:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Average Revenue per Account (ARPA)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

What Makes Us Different?

Flexibility & Customization

We know every client’s needs are different. Our full range of services is entirely customizable, meaning you can take what you need and leave what you don’t. We know that you may already have an in-house team that can carry out certain parts of your end-to-end e-commerce experience, which is why we offer flexibility and are willing to collaborate to achieve your end goal.

Specially Crafted

No two businesses are exactly the same, which is why we do not use templates or formulas. Every single e-commerce experience we build and optimize for clients is specially crafted to meet their specific needs and requirements.


Our decisions aren’t based off of what’s currently trendy or what looks good—every decision is always backed by data. Before building and implementing any changes to your website or e-commerce process, we always look at relevant data and perform research and testing to ensure that the change is necessary and would yield the best outcome.

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