The Best Digital Marketing Resources of 2020

2020 is a year of great challenges and unprecedented change. The COVID-19 pandemic has left no business unscathed, devastating small and big-time retailers. Government-imposed...

Fiona Gurtiza
Fiona Gurtiza July 17, 2020

2020 is a year of great challenges and unprecedented change. The COVID-19 pandemic has left no business unscathed, devastating small and big-time retailers. Government-imposed lockdown measures have prompted businesses to close their doors to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

As if the sudden change was not enough, they were confronted with the new reality of moving their business online. 

In times like these, adaptation is the key to survival. And this entails making online marketing a significant part of your game plan for success. After all, shifting to the digital medium is the most sustainable way to thrive, especially in today’s connected world.

But the thing about digital marketing is that it’s a constantly evolving landscape with changing trends and emerging technologies. You’ll need to arm yourself with the right knowledge to expand your reach and grow your customers. 

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best digital marketing resources in 2020. These sources are a great starting point for learning the basics of online marketing

Laying the Groundwork for Self-Study

The process of learning how to become the best marketer calls for continuous research. Lay the foundation for your general knowledge by starting with the basics. Once you’ve got that down, you can dive deep into more specialized areas. These include:

 Decide on which area you want to focus on by choosing which sub-field of digital marketing best aligns with your personal goals.

What Type of Content Works Best?

The content you need is available at your fingertips. All you need to do is decide what type of resource you’re most receptive to. Some of the common resources include:


Blogs are a great way for you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in digital marketing. This type of content includes guides, tutorial videos, step-by-step processes, or fast facts.


E-books are an interactive form of media that usually offer a “how-to” on a certain topic. It uses a mix of visuals and is packed with helpful links to guide you through reading. 


Infographics are perfect for visual learners because they incorporate eye-catching graphics and break down complex ideas into useful, bite-sized info.

Online Courses

If you’re a fan of structured, educational content, consider signing up for an online course. Whether you’re looking for short lessons or are aiming to get certified, online courses provide a fun way for you to learn more.


Webinars foster an interactive environment where you can attend a live conference, view a powerpoint, and ask the speaker questions.


If you have a busy schedule, audiobooks and podcasts let you listen to books or amazing conversations with insights from industry experts.

Top Digital Marketing Resources in 2020

Hubspot Academy


Hubspot is the undisputed leader in providing free online training for sales, inbound marketing, and customer service. They offer everything from singular topic courses to comprehensive certifications designed for pros looking to expand their career and business.

Passing each course will give you a certification badge you can share with your organization or share on LinkedIn. 

Moz SEO Learning Center


Moz provides all of the resources to expand your SEO skills. It discusses common SEO topics in detail, including keyword research, link building, ranking and visibility, on-site SEO, and more.

You’ll also find additional resources on content marketing, analytics, and reporting. And did we mention that it’s available for free?

Content Marketing Institute


Content Marketing Institute is a hub for everything related to content marketing. It offers how-to’s and easy-to-digest info on creating the best marketing strategy. 



Copyblogger is a useful resource that covers all you need to know about blogging and writing web copy. Some topics you’ll find here are how to overcome writer’s block or crafting content that attracts leads, available as short- and long-form articles.

Neil Patel


Neil Patel is a digital marketing guru. From blogs to videos, he shares his secret to generating more traffic and sales on his website. His blogs are chock-full of insights and appropriate for marketers of all levels.

Google Skillshop


Google Skillshop is the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to succeed in using Google tools and solutions. You’ll find free training courses about Google My Business, Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, and more. You can also get Google product certified.



Master the techniques to creating a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign with help from Wordstream. It offers a free online learning platform where you can learn cost-effective strategies that deliver the best results.

You’ll also find various webinars and white papers on the site so you can continue learning even when you’re on-the-go. 

Search Engine Land


Just as its name implies, Search Engine Land provides the hottest news on all things SEO, with a focus on updates from Google. Its made up of a huge community of SEO experts who make predictions about the industry and share best practices about SEO, SEM, and local search marketing.

Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal is the equivalent of your daily newspaper, providing updates on SEO, PPC, content marketing, and paid social. Apart from its constant stream of useful content, it also offers a premium selection of e-books and tutorials.



MarketingProfs is a great resource that challenges you to take a step back and assess your current strategy before creating a marketing asset. It offers a useful framework that involves Strategy, Planning, Creation, Communication, Analysis, and Management. 

Its content is built on this framework, helping marketers gain a competitive advantage and make more informed decisions. You’ll have to pay a fee to be a member of MarketingPros and access the whole package, but it also offers limited free content worth reading.

Social Media Examiner


Want to know the secret to success in dominating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms? You’re likely to find the answer on Social Media Examiner. This website tracks the latest ongoings in the social sphere, and provides helpful tutorials and useful analyses.



Meet Brian Dean, one of the best marketing experts and the genius behind Backlinko. He shares his wealth of knowledge on his site, taking the form of in-depth, guide-style blog posts. The topics include everything related to online marketing, such as SEO best practices and advanced link building strategies.

Ahrefs Blog


You might already be familiar with Ahrefs because of their SEO tools. Their blog also offers useful insights about outreach, link building, keyword research, and SEO. 

If you’re already using their tools, even better—you can expect to find updates on how to drive the best results from their tools every now and then.

Start Learning Today

Level up your digital marketing skills by adopting a lifelong learning mentality and committing to learn something new every day. Once you’ve gathered and synthesized that info, you’ll need to implement everything and identify what works for your brand. 

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