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Strengthening Connections: Growth Rocket’s Team Building Experience

Team GR recently reunited for a team-building event after two years of remote work! Here's a closer look at this meaningful (and unforgettable) activity.

Anissa Maligat
Anissa Maligat July 12, 2022

Many organizations work hard at cultivating teamwork as it offers several benefits. First, it strengthens employee relationships. When people work together, they become well-acquainted and close to each other.

Moreover, team members can learn about and adapt to each other’s personalities. These things help build a more pleasant work environment where people are always productive. In turn, organizations can fully understand their goals and meet them.

Besides a more enjoyable workplace, teamwork helps companies maintain a healthy work culture and achieve low employee turnover. Without a nurturing environment, organizations won’t succeed, and people will leave.

What better way to promote these values among the company than team-building activities?

Team Building & How it Helps Organizations

Team building involves improving employee relationships so they can effectively meet individual goals. Generally, companies organize this activity outside of regular workdays.

Through team-building, organizations and teams can:

The Journey Toward Stronger Connections Within GR

Last June 19 and 20, 2022, Growth Rocket held its team-building activity at Shercon Resort & Ecology Park in Lipa, Batangas. The company’s leaders and team members attended the overnight event. Furthermore, our veterans and new hires met for the first time at this activity. This gathering was long overdue as we’ve been working remotely for the last two years.

Monique leading the opening prayer

After everyone finished unpacking and gathering at the function hall, the activity officially began. Monique from the SEO team kicked things off with her opening prayer, asking the big man upstairs to guide everyone during the team building.

Bhea giving her opening remarks

GR’s Director of Marketing Operations, Bhea, then gave her opening remarks. She welcomed everyone and expressed her excitement during her short speech.

Our facilitators took us through the activities we’d be participating in and talked about how those activities could strengthen our teamwork. Plus, the facilitators discussed the rules to follow during the team building and the point system for each activity. (There was a rule that a group could lose points if another group got its team symbol!)

GR employees in their respective groups for the team-building activity

The orientation ended with team members getting assigned to one of three groups: Team Happy, Ramil and Friends, and Team Bagets.

Creating Deeper Bonds Through Team Building

After joining our respective groups and brainstorming a team name, we worked on our team yells and symbols. Each group worked hard on these parts of their team identity and had fun doing so. All teams then presented their cheers and logos, impressing the facilitators.

Members of Team Happy playing the first game

Members of Team Bagets playing the first game

Chea of Team Ramil & Friends answering a question

The team building continued with all groups sharing their hobbies, talents, and favorite foods. We had to memorize these tidbits, then answer questions related to them. Through this activity, we each showed what we’re like outside work and got to know each other better.

We also played games that tested our skills and encouraged teamwork. Our facilitators organized a version of charades wherein employees acted out each other’s hobbies and guessed the correct answer.

Stef acting out a hobby

close-up of Aster & Elva playing charades

To keep things fun, our facilitators added games that were part of “The Amazing Race.” We raced with a ball behind our backs, walked while stepping on long portions of garbage bags, and built a pyramid using rubber bands. Each activity had all teams working together to succeed.

Ramil and Jean moving a cup with rubber bands

Team Bagets racing to the starting line

Team Happy getting ready to play

Unwinding with Stories & New Connections

After the intense activities, everyone took photos to cap off our first day at Shercon. Our facilitators joined us as well.

Members of Team Happy

Team Ramil & Friends with some wacky poses

Team Bagets smiling for the camera

Team GR

Team GR with the facilitators for the team building

A delicious feast soon followed, coupled with exciting conversation between colleagues. But our bonding time didn’t stop there. Everyone grabbed some late-night drinks and shared more stories about their personal and professional lives. Seeing my coworkers having fun and pouring their hearts out all night was a truly memorable experience for me.

Wrapping Things Up

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We said goodbye to Shercon (and each other) the next day, but not without more bonding time.

As some team members woke up late, we were free to explore the resort after breakfast.

Members of the Dev team

Bhea, Aster, and Dev team members

female team members having fun in the pool

Some roamed around the place, while others stayed at the function hall for more meaningful conversations.

Once our free time was up, our facilitators held the closing program. During the event, all employees got certificates of participation and posed with their groups. Awards for the team-building were handed out as well, with Team Ramil and Friends taking the crown.

Team Happy with their certificates of participation

Team Ramil & Friends with their certificates of participation

Team Bagets with their certificates of participation

The overall champions, Team Ramil & Friends

Then, representatives from the teams within GR and our CEO, Mike, closed things out. The chosen team members shared their experiences during the activity, expressing how happy and thankful they felt.

Mich of the Marketing team

The SEO team’s leader, Josh

Bogs from the Dev team

One of the Content team’s resident writers, JJ

Finally, Mike thanked everyone for coming and encouraged us to keep delivering our best work.

Our CEO Mike giving his closing remarks

To end our last day at Shercon, we took more pictures, packed up, and ate a filling lunch.

Team GR in front of an open function hall

Teamwork helps organizations develop and strengthen working relationships, and team building activities can be a starting point for those connections. Ultimately, team-building can push everyone to meet shared goals together. We’re so grateful for the time we spent together recently and excited to see how it’ll help us succeed.

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