All You Need to Know About Writing About Us Pages

Your website requires two things: remarkable content and eye-catching design.  Crafting compelling content is crucial to your inbound marketing efforts. But when we say...

Fiona Gurtiza
Fiona Gurtiza June 30, 2020

Your website requires two things: remarkable content and eye-catching design

Crafting compelling content is crucial to your inbound marketing efforts. But when we say content, we don’t just mean blog posts, product descriptions, or landing page copy. You’ll also need an About Us page that tells people that you mean business.

You could say that creating an About Us page that sells is an exercise of sheer willpower. After all, it’s hard not to get caught up in the siren song of your SEO campaign that the rest of your plans end up falling to the wayside. 

Besides, it’s just an About Us page. It’ll just end up on the footer navigation of your site, so why bother, right?

The thing is, an About Us page is your chance to tell the world who you are, what you do, and how you do it. If it leaves a positive impression, it could encourage users to make a call or sign up to your newsletter.

And that’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up.

What Makes an About Page Different?

An About Us page can go by different names. For others, it’s “Our Story” or “Our Mission.” But all of these pages serve the same purpose: to tell people what makes you, you

Let’s take a closer look at why writing a compelling About Us page matters.

It seems pretty straightforward if you think about it. Too simple, in fact, that they end up being treated like a nondescript piece of content rather than a valuable opportunity to connect with customers. 

But consider this: no other business shares the same reason for being in business as you are. Telling people what sets you apart can give your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. And this could spell the difference between a one-time purchase and a returning customer.

So make sure you highlight your brand’s strongest selling points so you can make a strong first impression.

A Useful Template to Writing About Pages

It helps to think of your About Us page as your brand’s story. Every story needs a protagonist. Depending on your narrative, it could be your founding team, or the business itself. It’s all up to you. 

Either way, your story should incorporate the element of change—namely, how your brand started in one place and ended up in another. Here are some points to consider:

When you bring it all together, your copy might look something like this: 

about us page story template growth rocket

When writing, consider using the first person (I, we) to establish a more personal connection with your readers.

Key Elements of a Successful About Us Page

You never get a second chance at making a great first impression. That’s why your About Us page should be crafted with purpose. In a nutshell, it should educate readers and encourage conversions.

Consider incorporating these key elements into your About Us page so that it packs a powerful punch.


Keep your headline simple, clear, and benefit-driven. Ideally, your audience should be able to grasp what you do within seconds. WWF does this well in the example below:


WWF is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment. Their bold headline strikes at the heart of what they do, and it’s accompanied by a fitting image of the land they conserve. The above-the-fold positioning also gives the reader all the info they need at a glance.


Hammer home your point with a sub-headline that further explains what sets your business apart. For greater impact, zero in on a common pain point.


If you have a great story to tell about how your product or service was built to change lives, share it. Yellow Leaf Hammocks uses it’s About Us page to tell people how it helps alleviate poverty by empowering artisan weavers and their families.


Keep in mind that people who visit your site often have a problem that requires special attention. When they go to your About Us page, the solution to that challenge should be as clear as day.


Craig McBreen explains this well on his About Us page, adopting a no-frills approach in helping customers grow their business. 

Background & Context

Be humble when talking about yourself. Strive to tell your story in a way that people can relate to personally. Follow Joe Payton’s example:


His self-portrait is not only memorable, but it also demonstrates his expertise as an animator and designer. When users visit his site, they’ll immediately know what he does and why he does it.

Supporting Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Even the most compelling copy will fail to hook your customers if you lack a supporting image that shows what you have to offer. 


Bentley Motors showcases its unparalleled heritage and luxury car expertise with a striking image of a vintage model against the Union Jack of the British flag.

Success Indicators

With proof of your achievements, bold claims about your brand and what you do won’t hold much water. Social proof is a strong indicator of trust, so make sure you include wins or client feedback on your About Us page.


Bizzabo, an event software platform, went out of their way to create a dedicated Customer Page that showcases customer testimonials. Take note of how they adopted the first person POV and placed their customers at the heart of what they do.

Appeal to Emotions

A great About Us page educates your customers and inspires them to take action. But how do you give them a gentle nudge that’ll push them further down the conversion funnel?


Sometimes, you’ll need to appeal to the emotions of your prospects. And Bulldog Skincare hits it right on the head.

The company offers men’s skincare products. What better way to convince men to delve into skincare than to bring their furry best friend into the picture? Scrolling through their website feels like you’re slowly befriending their brand, the same way as you would a dog.

How to Write the Best About Us Page

We’ve discussed the basic framework for your About Us page and key elements you should include. But how do you bring them all together to make your copy memorable? Here are a few tips.

Forge a personal connection.

How often have you come across an About Us page that sounds stiff and insincere? This happens way too often, and it feels as if the copy was written as a third-party provided the info.

Sometimes, this happens when you resort to writing generic blocks of text. Give your customers a peek behind the curtain and make them eager to get to know you.


Not everyone can pull off a me-focused About Us page in the third person, but Gummisig knows what he’s doing. The page has all the elements to make it stand out: a big, bold headline, a personable sub-headline, and an edgy photo that shows he means business.

Ditch the industry jargon.

Don’t confuse a great About Us page with sounding smart. A lot of websites stuff their About Us page with business babble. Keep in mind that visitors will appreciate straight talk about your business. After all, if people can’t figure out what you do, why would they want to buy from you in the first place? 

So cut the clutter and use short, punchy sentences when explaining complex products. Pay attention to Adobe’s About Us page:


Instead of explaining the technical aspect of its desktop and mobile tools, it talked about the power of storytelling and its ability to bring about change.

When possible, include social proof.

Providing proof of your success is a great indicator of trust. On top of that, you can inspire a good first impression. 

But instead of taking the easy route and spouting off your mission and origins, consider a creative approach that will appeal to people who don’t know anything about your brand.


Moz employs a humble approach to sharing its story, incorporating a fun yet simple design. Even though its backed up the largest community of SEOs on the planet, it stays humble and shares its milestones through clear headers and short blurbs. That type of honesty speaks volumes about what you’re truly passionate about.

Break the mold.

Crafting a compelling About Us page lies in making a statement. Part of that involves breaking the mold to showcase your brand’s personality quirks.

That’s exactly what Cultivated Wit does—it lets photos do the talking for them.


At its core, Cultivated Wit is a creative agency that helps companies use humor to engage audiences. Judging by the photo on their site, they look like they know how to have a good time. It may seem like a simple approach to creating an About Us page, but it gets the message across.

Zero in on your target audience.

If there’s anything that should be obvious on your About Us page, it’s who you’re talking to. Nike gets this right, and it’s no surprise that the brand is able to bounce back and adapt to the changing times.


Nike was built from the wise words shared by the University of Oregon’s former track coach, Bill Bowerman: “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” The bold statement casts a spotlight on the brand’s target audience: rising stars who want to expand their potential.

Keep it data-driven.

The success you bring to the table shouldn’t be lost on your About Us page.

The New York Times is a publication site with worldwide influence and readership. Its About Us page has the numbers to prove it, including relevant statistics related to its staff and readership.


These numbers tell us that they’re a trustworthy brand because they have a huge pool of journalists. It also includes its subscriber count, enforcing its authority further.

Add a personal touch.

People want to connect with other people. Even though communicating with empathy is the true essence of human connection, it’s easy to forget when creating a corporate website.

Your employees are the unsung heroes of your company’s success. Why not make them front and center in your About Us page?


There’s a lot to like about 6tematik’s website. It’s highly interactive, and browsing it feels like a modern silent movie. But what really catches attention is how it introduces its team. It portrays each member through a minimalist caricature that brings out their distinct personality quirks.

Pay attention to how each caricature has a single obvious trait: pink hair, big glasses, or a bushy beard. It’s a great way to give each member the recognition they deserve.

What’s Missing from Your Current Website?

Now that you know what an About Us page should look like, you’ve probably realized that it isn’t just a requirement to get your site running. For brands both big and small, crafting a good About Us page is much like building a lead generation machine.

Before you start, ask yourself: what makes your business unique? From there, you can start building your About Us page. Just don’t forget to have some fun along the way.

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