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Thomas J. Watson once said, “good design means good business”. And we completely agree with that.  We love creating usable, compelling and intuitive designs. Through intensive user research, prototyping, iteration and extensive testing, we make empathy and human-centric design translate into amazing ROI: better conversion rates, more effective branding, and a more loyal user base.

How We Do It

User Research & Analysis

First, we’d like to get to know and understand your users. What makes them tick? What makes them happy? Anything and everything that can trigger their emotions as they interact with your brand.

Through in-depth user interviews and studies, we work with your brand on developing personas, giving you a visual and relatable picture of your users than just seeing them as distant target demographics.

Testing and Validation

With the strategies curated, we then implement and create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups depending on determined pain points that can be used for a batch of quality analysis using relevant UX testing methods.

It’s basically testing the waters, figuring out which of these versions will cater to the needs of your users. In this stage, we’ll determine what was improved on and what can be better in terms of design and usability. In short, we help you validate your product.

Iteration of Usable Design

Considering the results gathered from the series of interviewees and created personas, we strategize on how we can combine both aesthetic design and superb overall user experience on your business.

It also doesn’t end in the research process, by continuing to dig deeper we also uncover what your users think, sees, feels and does. Mixing qualitative and quantitative data to reinforce the  human aspect on every step of your user’s journey.


Once we’ve made a validated design, we then turn to your developers on how we can create a site that will turn our goal—an aesthetically beautiful site design with superb user experience—into reality.

What You Get From It


With a website design that offers services and strives for a user-friendly experience, we can strengthen the points that we can still develop for a greater purpose. You’ll receive less bounces and complaints. It will make your product more appealing on the eyes and empathic on the user’s end.

Higher Conversion

Every e-commerce’s service starts the moment a person lands on their page. Growth Rocket’s good and future-proof UX design practices doesn’t dictate the user what to do. Instead, using the website’s usability and environment, we’ll lead them to relevant conversions for better revenue. Making sure that there’s nothing that can stop them clicking the first button down to the last.


The end goal is for users to keep in close contact with your business. With your reliable and ergonomic-centered website, they’ll eventually become loyal customers. We’ll take care of them by constantly adapting to change, making sure the experience is still and will always go above and beyond both your business and users expectation.

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