Social Media Marketing creates avenues for you to promote your brand and attract loyal ambassadors through organic and meaningful conversations. Growth Rocket optimizes your preferred social networking platforms to help you achieve the results you want.

How We Do It

Visually Appealing and Engaging Facebook Page

Growth Rocket creates (or if you have one, manages) a Facebook page for your brand that follows a strategic layout and employs strategies to further communicate with your audience.

Interactive Twitter Account for Your Brand

Engage in real-time interaction with your clients through Twitter. We set up your brand’s Twitter account to post official updates, share related tweets, and answer customer’s queries. Gain the following of your target audience and the top influencers in your industry with our organic and intelligent campaigns.

Pinterest Boards that Highlights Your Brand Image

Growth Rocket enables you to create Pinterest campaigns which showcase your brand’s products and services while still embodying the image you envision. You’ll get Pin-worthy content that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also adds value to your audience’s browsing experience.

Unique Reddit Content

Unique, interesting, and authentic content is a must if you want to create engagement in the highly tech-savvy Reddit community.  Growth Rocket drives traffic for your site by creating Reddit campaigns that are specifically targeted to the members of this population.

What You Get From It

Increased Brand Awareness

Get your brand known across all audiences with effective and personalized social media campaigns that stays true to your brand’s core values and image. Raise the general public’s awareness of your brand through contests that requires them to share and like your page.

Social Media Content that Inspires Conversion

Putting the wrong kind of content on a platform will doom your marketing efforts.” - Gary Vaynerchuck


Effectively generate conversion with content that is “native” or specifically tailored to your chosen social media platform. Whether you’re a retailer or a service provider, you can expect this kind of high-value social media content placement from Growth Rocket.

Gain Loyal Followers

Establish a solid following with our social media marketing campaigns that communicates organically with your prospective clients. Our techniques allow you to maximize your social media platforms to get followers without having to resort to spamming or flooding.

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