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SEM and Display Advertising enable you to drive traffic and visibility to your site through paid efforts. We position ads on top of the search engine results page and optimize display ad real estate to make sure that your site gets the most optimum result possible.

How We Do It

Testing & Data Driven

Growth Rocket makes use of a testing and data-driven approach to bid management by coming up with a systematic way to mix and match various channels and platforms to drive purchase behavior and establish customer touchpoints.

Compliant with IAB Guidelines

We make sure the digital ads we display for your brand follows the IAB Guidelines, which cover the new HTML5 guidelines.These include desktop and mobile display; and include ad necessities like file requests, file weights, shared libraries, progressive video and balance user experience with ad load performance.

Iterative and Continuous Optimization

Keep up with SEM’s ever-changing landscape with our campaigns which continuously undergo testing and optimization from conception until completion.


Weekly Reporting and Analysis

Growth Rocket regularly monitors your conversions, impressions, CPC, and CPM, and sends you weekly reports regarding these figures so that you know where your SEM and Display Advertising efforts go.

What You Get From It

Increased Conversion

“Most smart AdWords advertisers are concerned about two things: increasing the conversion rate and reducing the cost per conversion” - Neil Patel

Increase your conversion and minimize cost per conversion with our campaigns that understand your target audience’s shopping habits, so that you can meet them at whichever point of the purchase funnel they are in.

Establish Site Visibility and Awareness

Drive more traffic to your site with paid ads that employs tactics that increase your visibility in the search engine results page (SERP), giving you more advantage over your competitors.

Attributable Conversions, Quantifiable Results

Anything that can be measured can be improved. Grow your site with us and we’ll give you the breakdown of figures of where you stand, and what else can be done for your success rate to improve.

Higher Engagement

Increase client engagement with our word and visual campaigns which are personalized toward specific segments of the buying population depending on their interests and buying habits.



Creation of Customer Touch Points Outside of Your Site

Reach more customers with our campaigns which are strategically positioned in the SERP and landing pages of other sites.

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