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Seamless, Effective Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Combining email marketing automation and customer relationship management enables more sophisticated marketing for your business. You can also generate and follow up on leads and see revenue come in with these tools. Through email CRM automation, our team will help you deliver campaigns seamlessly so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Engaging & Tailored Automated Marketing Campaigns to Leads

Automated marketing data flowing to CRM equips sales teams with complete behavioral profiles on prospects. Our team crafts targeted messages based on this data, which reflect buyer interests and current phases of their journey. Insights on customer behavior help create personalized pitches and build successful relationships—and we can help you achieve these goals.

Meet Our Marketing Automation Team

CRM automation streamlines your marketing workflows and helps you send targeted messages to your prospects. Growth Rocket’s automation team has mastered these fundamentals and applied them to numerous email campaigns. With best practices and client goals in place, our automation experts craft tailored campaigns that meet customer interests and needs.

Our unique and hands-on approach to email CRM automation has helped clients execute high-performing, effective campaigns. From gathering essential data to creating and implementing campaigns, we’ll do all the work for you.

We’ll also monitor your performance and report it to you regularly. By giving you constant updates on your project, we show you where it needs to improve. Our team will share possible improvements to you as well. We’ll even address your concerns and suggestions, and use them to refine our current strategies.

Our Formula for Success

Automating your email marketing campaigns is important for success. But getting more sales and visibility isn’t easy without a scalable, effective strategy. As a seasoned marketing automation agency, Growth Rocket understands automation processes and leverages them to give your business a competitive edge.

To help you take advantage of marketing automation and achieve excellent results, we follow a simple process:

Look into your brand

We always start new projects with a closer look into our clients—their vision, targets, and needs. Our team also learns customer expectations and pain points to know how our campaigns will fulfill those needs and concerns. This information helps us develop tailored automation strategies.

Plan & craft a strategy

Our team will plan and create a customized marketing automation strategy for your business with the insights we've gathered. We even use inputs from other teams in developing automation strategies. These insights and ideas help us decide which tools and practices to use for a strategy.

Execute the strategy

Once we've finalized a strategy for a campaign, we'll put it into motion. Every strategy goes through meticulous tests to ensure they'll work with every campaign. Then, we apply the necessary tactics to campaigns. We implement our strategies with automation solutions and best practices.

Monitor your campaign

Analytics plays a huge role in automated marketing campaigns—and our team uses it to see how effective our strategies are. We'll monitor your campaign's progress regularly and refine our strategy based on its results. You can expect constant updates on your campaign's performance as well.

Our Clients

Growth Rocket is the agency of choice for a diverse roster of clients. We have driven results for emerging brands in South East Asia to big businesses in the US, Australia, and the UK. They continue to trust us to deploy end-to-end strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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What We Can Do For You

Automation Consulting & Strategy

Well-planned strategies are essential to successful automated campaigns. Our seasoned automation experts will assess your existing marketing processes and tasks, then determine the tasks that our automation services can improve. We’ll look at your desired automation goals as well. These decisions shape the tactics we’ll use for your campaigns, including marketing automation solutions and practices.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Automating your email campaigns enables easier lead generation and nurturing. Whether you’re offering discounts or re-engaging customers, automation can steer you towards sales and leads. We capture and nurture leads through triggered emails and engaging campaigns based on the interests of these customers. Buyer interests and behaviors help us create targeted messages for your leads.

Lead Scoring

Qualifying your leads is part of lead management. We perform lead scoring so we can instantly distinguish between qualified and unqualified leads. Our automation team will look into demographics, behavior, and possible conversion of your leads to see if they fit your campaigns. Assessing this information lets us know the necessary leads to focus on.

Segmentation & List Management

Automation also allows us to easily segment leads and send personalized messages to them. By streamlining buyer segmentation, we can help you reach out to the right people. Our automation team manages your lead groups and email lists on trusted automation platforms. We organize your leads and subscribers on these platforms for smoother campaign execution.

Drip Campaigns

We’ll also craft automated campaigns that go out to your leads at specific times. We keep customer interests in mind when we develop drip campaigns—producing personalized, attention-grabbing messages. Our automation process streamlines every aspect of your drip campaign, from organizing content to scheduling implementation. Automating drip campaigns ensures you’re reaching leads and getting optimal results.

Platform Integration

Automation platforms help us streamline top-of-the-funnel steps and processes to manage warm and cold leads. They also let our team measure and score engagement and move it through your sales pipeline. We can even position relevant upsells and extended services to customers through automation platforms. These platforms give us an opportunity to perform these tasks.

Campaign Testing

Before we execute an automated campaign, we make sure it’s effective for your leads with rigorous split tests. Our team produces different versions of client campaigns and tracks their individual performance to identify the best variation. We’ll test everything from email copy to design so we can discover what works best for your automated campaign.

Campaign Tracking

After developing and implementing automated campaigns, our automation specialists will monitor their performance. Your results will help us see how effective your campaign is and how we can improve it. Our team tracks open rates, leads, and other important metrics through monitoring tools. Constant campaign tracking ensures optimal performance for your small business or brand.

Campaign Analytics

Our regular monitoring gives us insights into your automated campaign’s performance. We’ll share them with you so you can see how well you’re performing. Our team will also explain important metrics that you’ll find in our reports and how they contribute to your campaign’s results. We’ll even address any questions or concerns about your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation automatically handles marketing processes and multi-functional campaigns across multiple channels. Businesses send targeted messages to customers across email and other digital platforms through marketing automation.

The process is basically a set of tools that streamline and simplify some of a marketer or salesperson’s most time-consuming responsibilities. Automation makes the extremely complicated business arena simple to navigate.

How do you implement marketing automation?

  • Define your business goals. State the objectives that’ll shape your strategy—these targets will help you prepare potentially useful indicators to see how effective your strategy is.
  • Create an action plan. Your plan guides you to set goals.
  • Define performance indicators. Establishing highly important benchmarks and expected changes are necessary for executing automated campaigns.
  • Analyze the data. You can segment clients through your analysis, with each segment defining a different message.
  • Integrate automation with your content marketing strategy. This combination will help you boost communication effectively.

How do you use marketing automation?

  • It lets you segment email lists. Segmentation helps you gather more customer data and fulfill their specific needs.
  • You can also send drip emails to leads. These automated campaigns let you push offers based on customer interests. Drip campaigns establish your authority and increase trust between your business and your prospects.
  • Automation allows you to send emails about new products and services. Concentrate on your most engaged customers and offer perks so they refer you to their friends.
  • It even lets you send abandoned cart reminders.
  • You can also introduce your brand to prospects through a welcome email series.
  • Automation can help you re-engage your existing customer base as well. The technology allows you to offer special promos, thank your customers, or ask for feedback.

Does marketing automation really work?

Yes. Marketing campaign automation can make your workflow much better—it lets you focus more on higher-level tasks than routine responsibilities. Automating campaigns also help marketers ensure that content goes out as planned and that campaigns use it for more reach.

Automation gives you the necessary data to make analysis-driven decisions as well. These insights help you base your campaigns on human behavior. Additionally, the deeper understanding of leads and better efficiency that automation offers can help lower marketing-to-close cycle time.

Why marketing automation?

  • It lets marketers create constant, one-on-one cross-channel journeys with a consistent, connected customer experience.
  • Automation helps businesses gain more revenue and average deal size.
  • It also makes marketing and sales teams more accountable.
  • Businesses can have more effective teams as well.
  • Automation helps improve marketing processes.
  • Businesses can target potential customers across multiple channels through automation.
  • It lets brands spend less time crafting campaigns.
  • Automation offers better reporting on what’s working and what’s not.

How can marketing automation help small businesses?

  • Small companies can quickly and easily gain customers through automation.
  • Automation helps lower possible mistakes while executing marketing processes.
  • It also simplifies personalizing customer experiences and crafting hypersegmented messages.
  • Automation improves how businesses manage leads and processes.
  • It gives small companies more reach and benefits unique customers.
  • Businesses can grow when they use marketing automation.

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