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Email Marketing & Automation allows you to create conversations with your customers using high-touch, dynamic and automated emails that are relevant to both your subscriber’s needs and your business’ bottomline. 

How We Do It

High-touch and Dynamic Emails

Growth Rocket empowers your company to deliver campaigns to your customers wherever they may be in your purchase funnel. We craft emails that do not only promote, but also appeals to your customer’s unique needs and habits.

Through constant optimization and testing, we make sure that each campaign we execute is engaging, strong and relevant--down to the last button.

Personalized Automation

Although automated, no two emails we send are alike, so you can be assured that your clients receive personalized emails that are tailored-fit to their needs, buying habits, and past interaction with your brand for higher conversion rates.

Timely and Strategic Inbox Delivery

An email that is timely and relevant right from the first email down to the last, results to a higher open and click-through rate, which later leads to more sales.

Every email campaign we execute is thoughtfully scheduled on the days and times that the recipient is more likely to see it, so the the chances are higher that it won’t just go unread and that your efforts won’t just go to waste.

What You Get From It

Cost-Effective Marketing

Communicating with your audience in through this channel is easier and more cost-effective, making it one of the best mediums that provide maximum returns.You also wouldn’t have to manually conceptualize, create and then analyze your campaigns every time you send these out. As a result, your team can focus on strategy and optimization.

Higher ROI

Growth Rocket helps you achieve a higher ROI by emphasizing relevant marketing, through creating dynamic campaigns, that deliver your marketing message to your target audiences at the right point of their life cycles as customers-- across all channels and devices.

We do this through marketing automation which is not only a cost-effective approach to getting things done but also allows you to focus more on strategy and optimization without being bogged down by development time and level of effort.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have a particular brand message that you’d like to maintain across all elements of your marketing mix, we make it a point to create campaigns that is consistent with that message for a stronger campaign.

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