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Composing an informative, persuasive, and compelling narrative around your business is key to building an image that inspires confidence and trust. It is also integral in connecting with your target audience as they go through all stages of the conversion funnel. By creating a powerful and strategic content plan with your specific goals in mind, we help you establish credibility and authority in your specific niche, grow a loyal customer base, and forge a strong online presence through improved organic traffic and search engine ranking.

How We Do It

Inventory, Audit & Analysis

Content is integral to your online strategy, and we need to make sure that the two will work together in harmony by performing a content audit and analysis. We start by doing a full inventory of all indexable or crawlable content on the blog and e-commerce landing pages of your website. This is then followed by a GAP and competitive analysis to identify gaps in your current content performance and find all possible opportunities for improvement.

Your content will also be analyzed using various key metrics to determine what needs to be revised or updated. In the process of analyzing your content, we ask the following questions:

Blog Pages

  • Is there an existing blog on the website?
  • Is the existing content optimized for the web?
  • Which posts are performing and which ones aren’t?
  • Is the existing content based on proper keyword research?
  • Are the articles targeting relevant informational searches?
  • Is there an optimum balance of content that targets customers with different intent at each stage of the marketing funnel?

E-commerce Pages

  • Is there a lack of content on these pages?
  • Is the content sufficiently unique?
  • Is the content targeting the most relevant and highest converting keywords?

Strategy & Recommendations

Following a comprehensive analysis, we then use the data to develop a full content strategy that is unique to your business’ needs. This includes key factors that are involved in successful content development and marketing such as creating buyer personas, establishing strict content guidelines to maintain the consistency and integrity of your brand voice, identifying optimum content distribution channels, and finding specific content opportunities to broaden your reach.


This custom strategy is designed to build your brand online, attract a larger, more relevant target audience, and work synergistically with the online strategy you have in place.


Once we have a strategy in place, we move on to implementation. Our content development and marketing team is made up of professional researchers and writers with a broad range of experience in content creation, extensive digital marketing knowledge, with university degrees in Journalism and other relevant disciplines. They work closely with our specialists to formulate content types and topics that will target prospective customers in all stages of the buying funnel. These are then consolidated into a well-balanced editorial calendar that follows the most optimum publishing and distribution schedules for each piece of content.


All content will be created and distributed with your business goals, target audience, and digital marketing initiatives in mind.

What are the Benefits?

Social Engagement

Great content drives social engagement—which is critical to achieving online success for your business in terms of brand awareness and recognition. Social media is an invaluable part of the digital marketing spectrum, but it is still dependent on the quality of your content. We create compelling, relevant, high-quality content that can capture reader interest, provide value, and encourage engagement on the most prominent social media platforms.

Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are displayed in large answer boxes usually found at the top of the first page of Google SERPs—prime real estate that takes up almost half of the top fold on desktop, and the entire top fold on mobile.  Every piece of content we create is fully optimized for online consumption and follows strict guidelines, allowing us to target and acquire featured snippet placement for queries that are most relevant to your target audience. Capturing featured snippets are beneficial in increasing your visibility, establishing your brand’s authority in your niche, and increasing website traffic.

Organic Traffic

We pride ourselves on creating content that your users want and need. This gives you a higher chance of capturing their attention, building quality customer relationships, and ensuring that they keep coming back to your website. Customer-targeted articles that are optimized for search will mean higher positions on Google SERPs for the most relevant search terms, which in turn translates to increased organic traffic for your website.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

We make sure that the content we produce is not only well-written and optimized but it is also created, published, and distributed with lead generation and nurturing in mind. Content is one of the most effective and least aggressive tools for lead generation and nurturing. Every lead is different, and to successfully convert them, we create content that serves to nurture the business-customer relationship throughout all stages of the buying funnel.

Brand Awareness, Credibility, & Authority

Content marketing is all about building your brand’s online presence. Our ultimate goal, apart from furthering your search engine ranking and increasing conversions, is to help you sculpt a strong, positive image for your brand. To do this, we create powerfully compelling content that offers valuable information for your target audience. Combined with our strategic marketing efforts, we ensure that you target all the right people, widen your reach, and establish your business as a credible source and an authoritative expert in your specific industry.

Our Key Metrics & Reporting

Audience Consumption

One of our main key metrics for content marketing success is audience consumption. After all, the goal is to be able to reach as many people as possible. Every piece of content we produce is tracked and analyzed on Google Analytics and various other tools. We look at data such as clicks, sessions, impressions, time spent on page, and average bounce rates.


We want to make sure that the content we are producing provides value and has the power to intrigue, influence, and inspire the people we are trying to reach. Content engagement is the primary metric for measuring the quality of a piece of content and whether or not it is eliciting the desired actions or responses from your readers. For the most accurate measure of engagement, we track data such as time on page, scroll depth, social media shares, and comments. With content that is purposely designed to prompt transactions or any other action, we also track conversions to determine the content’s effectiveness in eliciting the desired response.

Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

The most important metrics, in terms of achieving business goals, are conversions. We create content for brand awareness and visibility, but we also want people to take action when they consume the content. We then measure the success of that piece of content in acquiring leads and pushing the reader toward our desired conversion by tracking them through UTM parameters (for blog content) and other methods and looking at relevant data, such as revenue and transactions on Google Analytics as well as other professional analytics tools.

What Makes Us Different?

High Quality

When it comes to content, we adhere to search engine guidelines and brand messaging. But above all, we make sure every piece of content is of the highest quality. Bad or mediocre content may be quick and inexpensive, but it won’t get you results in the long run.

Our content development and marketing team has very strict quality standards, and we pride ourselves on producing well-researched, engaging, and highly actionable content that yield great benefits for your online visibility, your brand image, and ultimately, your bottom line.


The most effective content marketing strategy will always be driven by data, which is why we don’t just rely on initial findings. We constantly track and analyze the data throughout the entire implementation process to ensure that we are creating content that caters to the right audiences, encourages high engagement, and generates the right conversions. We also use this data to find opportunities and areas of improvement so that we can adapt our content strategy accordingly.

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