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A Proven E-commerce Tool

Can you imagine not having to worry about the complex processes of handling an online store? This is exactly what Shopify offers. Shopify is a software service subscription that enables you to create a website with a shopping cart solution that sells, ships, and manages your products. With the platform, you can also process orders, enter store data, and add products, making your life as a store owner a lot easier.

Speed Up Brand Growth

Shopify lets you view a single dashboard to monitor aspects of your business like orders, shipping, and payments to draw the insights you need to grow. We use these features to see real-time store activity, gain insight into visitors, and analyze performance. By doing this, we can generate detailed reports to inform future strategies.

Meet Our Shopify Web Development Team 

A robust, optimized Shopify store can boost your sales and put your business ahead of everyone else. Growth Rocket’s Shopify experts have extensive experience in building and maintaining e-commerce websites on the platform. From designing your site to optimizing its technical elements, our team will help you create a competitive online store.

Our seasoned Shopify web developers, site designers, content specialists, SEO experts, and digital marketers work together to build well-performing Shopify stores. Through collaboration, we develop and execute effective, scalable strategies that ensure the best results for your store. We also give you regular updates so you can see current progress and how we’re improving your online store. Leave your Shopify account to us and we’ll make sure it’s ready to take on the competition.

Our Formula For Success

For your store to be successful, you have to let go of the idea of micro-managing every aspect of your business. Shopify can help ease your workload significantly, and hiring Growth Rocket to manage your Shopify account lets you focus on the other important facets of your business.


To make sure you make the most of Shopify and grow immensely as a brand, we follow a simple process:

Understand your business

We take the time to understand the nature of your business to inform what kind of methodologies we’ll implement for your Shopify account. This way, your business can get the most out of Shopify’s features.

Setup your Shopify account

We hold your hand every step of the way, from creating your Shopify account to building progress reports. Our dedicated Shopify experts can provide you with the knowledge you need to properly navigate this system.

Monitor your business activities

Shopify features real-time tracking capabilities. We monitor these constantly to spot successes and areas of improvement. Leave the store management tasks, such as order, customer, and inventory management to us.

Track, report & refine methodologies

A store that stays on top of its performance is most likely to be ahead of the curve. With Shopify, we can extract detailed information about your brand, including sales, customers, and marketing to map out a clear path forward.

Our Clients

Growth Rocket is the agency of choice for a diverse roster of clients. We have driven results for emerging brands in South East Asia to big businesses in the US, Australia, and the UK. They continue to trust us to deploy end-to-end strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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What We Can Do For You

Web Design & Content Optimization

Growth Rocket offers Shopify services catering to your different e-commerce store’s needs. Our team can help you develop and maintain a Shopify store, as well as build a custom-themed website. Our Shopify developers and web designers will create a site design that complements your business perfectly. We use the best UI and UX practices to make your store user-friendly.

Along with SEO efforts, our Shopify agency produces content for your online store. The platform’s blogging feature has all the functions of a content management system, from setting post titles to adding metadata. We craft, produce, publish, and optimize relevant content through Shopify’s CMS and other integrated blogging platforms.

Mobile Optimization

You can count on our Shopify SEO experts to help you develop a mobile-friendly online store, whether or not you have an existing site. Our SEO specialists will optimize your store’s UX, content, and site speed to boost mobile traffic and conversions. But the work doesn’t stop after mobile optimization. We implement SEO-friendly codes and layouts to get your store noticed when performing desktop and mobile searches.

Marketing Campaigns & Plugin Integration

Shopify offers helpful marketing tools which we use to boost your online store’s presence. We create automated campaigns, set up Facebook and Google marketing ads, and promote your brand on social media via Shopify. Moreover, we expand your online reach through Shopify’s email marketing tools. Our efforts include collecting customer emails for promotions and sending campaigns through Shopify’s email service.

Ensuring a user-friendly and optimized website isn’t the only key to success. Shopify offers plugins for enhanced store functionality. Plugins add more specialized features to the platform and our developers can help improve your store’s functionality. We set up existing apps, configure them to your website’s needs, and can help you customize your site with plugins.

Conversion Rate Optimization

More traffic generates higher sales, but getting conversions is just as important as driving traffic to your site. Our team can help boost your e-commerce conversion rates by employing industry-best practices and tools. We conduct A/B testing to identify what works best and help us create effective strategies.

Our A/B tests involve enhancing your store’s homepage, product page visibility, and other visual and technical aspects. We also follow the same practices when optimizing your conversion rates. From creating a smoother UX to improving site speed, you can count on our team to execute the necessary enhancements for the best results.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the progress of your Shopify campaigns is a continuous process. We apply tried-and-tested strategies and SEO best practices after identifying areas of improvement in our performance reports. We refine our tactics to align with your website’s goals.

Improving and maintaining store performance is essential to e-commerce success. When you hire a Shopify expert, you can reach the top, stay ahead of your competitors, and attract your target customers. By partnering with Growth Rocket, you’ll get to work with a skilled and driven team that puts your business goals first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a full e-Commerce platform where you can start, grow, and manage your business. It lets you build and customize an online store, and sell your products anywhere — from the web to its pop-up shops. You can also manage your items, inventory, payments, and shipping processes through Shopify.

Software upgrades and maintenance will also be the least of your worries when you use this platform because it’s completely cloud-based and hosted. An Internet connection is all you need to access and run your business from anywhere.

How do I use Shopify?

  1. Pick the right plan for your budget with the features you need.
  2. Point your existing domain to your Shopify store or buy a new domain on the platform.
  3. Choose a design or template for your store. Edit a free theme with Shopify’s drag-and-drop tool, get a premium theme, or hire Shopify developers for a custom design that fits your online store.
  4. Add your products, page content, payment options, and other elements.
  5. Gain customers through marketing your store.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify offers three pricing plans:

  • Shopify Basic – $29 per month, with a 2.9% + 30¢ online transaction fee
  • Shopify – $79 per month, with a 2.6 +30¢online transaction fee
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per month, with a 2.4 + 30¢online transaction fee

Along with these monthly plans, the platform offers Lite and Shopify Plus plans.

  • Shopify Lite costs $9 per month. You can sell products on your website or social media accounts through this plan.
  • Shopify Plus starts at $2,000 per month and charges 2.15% per transaction. With this plan, you get all the necessary tools for managing enterprise accounts.

Is Shopify worth it?

The answer depends on how you run your online business. Shopify might not be worth it if you own an online store with a limited inventory. But the platform might be rewarding if you’re running a multi-product e-commerce store with a large inventory and a lot of other helpful tools. Consider whether Shopify is worth it by weighing its pros and cons based on your goals, resources, and other factors.

How do I start a successful Shopify store?

  1. Choose the product you want to sell. This step starts with finding an item, creating a unique product idea, and obtaining the actual product.
  2. Perform competitor research.
  3. Write your business plan.
  4. Come up with a name for your business and create a logo.
  5. Learn the basics of SEO.
  6. Build your store.
  7. Expand your reach and pick out effective sales channels where your target customers like to shop.
  8. Add shipping and fulfillment options to your store.
  9. Define your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  10. Grow your customer base through promotions.

How many Shopify stores are there?

  • Shopify has already surpassed a million merchants on the platform as of October 2019.
  • Shopify has over 500,000 active stores.
  • Over 5,300 stores use the Shopify Plus platform.
  • Shopify merchants now run over a million businesses in 175 different countries.

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