Mike Villar

Mike is an evidence-based, data-driven, lean principles-guided Marketing and Product Management executive with over 12 years of focused experience. He has both extensive “big company” and startup experience. Throughout his career, he’s been involved in building and managing teams within companies that range in size from startups with a small, elite cross-functional team to NASDAQ-listed, Internet Retailer top 100 retailers—all in a top-level decision-making capacity.

He loves data, putting narrative to data, tests, and rapid iteration. He seeks continuous improvement through data-driven development and loves building successful teams that will ultimately share his passion. He believes that good marketing and conversion-centric design should never be divorced from good customer experience.

He has been put in multi-disciplinary roles that allow him to execute digital marketing campaigns with multimillion-dollar budgets while having a holistic understanding of how the sum of all the ancillary parts works.

Mike has extensive experience in e-commerce product development, email and CRM affiliate and performance marketing, web analytics, business analytics, display advertising, retargeting and remarketing, social media management, and loyalty and rewards engineering.

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