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Infographic Design Services for Small Businesses & Brands

Infographics are highly effective marketing tools. They're ideal for compiling numerous amounts of data into a straightforward, attractive, and persuasive format. Infographics can also make your brand more credible and help you achieve a higher search ranking. Through our professional infographic design services, you can simply and clearly present data to readers.

Effective & Compelling Infographics to Keep Customers Engaged

Today's marketers are thinking of ways to compete with people with short attention spans. Clever infographics will spark some interest from readers and make visitors satisfied and eager to absorb more data. Our design team will make sure your infographics are appealing yet concise so you can express your information better while catching the attention of your readers.

Meet Our Professional Infographic Design Team

Growth Rocket’s design team consists of seasoned infographic designers with in-depth knowledge of best design practices and principles. Our designers have applied their expertise to projects for clients across a wide range of niches. They also put business goals at the forefront of every project, with infographics that help drive engagement and boost brand authority.

Our team is hands-on in designing client infographics. We take care of everything from planning designs to organizing important elements. We also work with our content specialists, SEO experts, and digital marketers to create, improve, and publish infographics. Our collaborative efforts produce highly engaging infographics with excellent brand design. These elements translate to increased customer engagement and business authority. When you work with us for your infographics, you’re taking one step further towards your goals.

Our Formula for Success

Clearly and instantly conveying your message to your target audience is essential to a great infographic. And for your infographics to achieve that goal and look visually compelling, you’ll need to plan them carefully. With a meticulous process, Growth Rocket’s design team creates persuasive, engaging infographics for various audiences.

To make sure your infographics grab attention, we follow this simple process:

Identify your target audience

Learning about your target audience will let you deliver data that's just as compelling as the graphic. Our research tells us which audiences would best engage with your infographic. It also helps our team discover suitable ways to convey your message and have it reach potential customers.

Collect content & data

Once we've identified your target audience, we'll collect and arrange the necessary data for your infographic. Our content specialists will craft your graphic's message with accurate, smoothly flowing information. Then, we'll look at their work to see how we can organize it in our design.

Create a wireframe

Wireframes help us check if your data is presented well and organized properly. Our team creates a customized layout for your infographic and uses it to arrange your information to make it scannable and easy to read. We also decide on the best elements to make your infographic truly stand out.

Customize, test, & revise

After creating the wireframe for your infographic, we start plugging in the content. Our team will organize your data into the right sections, pick an on-brand typeface, and choose a color scheme that reflects your brand. Then we polish everything until sending it out for publishing.

Our Clients

Growth Rocket is the agency of choice for a diverse roster of clients. We have driven results for emerging brands in South East Asia to big businesses in the US, Australia, and the UK. They continue to trust us to deploy end-to-end strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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What We Can Do For You

Consulting & Research

Your infographic should communicate your brand purpose and showcase your industry expertise. Our team will touch base with you to discuss your goals and brand values so we can incorporate them into your content marketing efforts. We’ll also look into your brand’s existing designs and find opportunities to make your graphic stand out.

Once we know your targets, we’ll research and prepare the data. We always obtain data from credible sources so that your graphic has accurate information on the topic you’re tackling. And to improve your infographic’s entire layout and content, we collaborate with other teams and gather relevant insights.

Planning & Design

Our process of creating infographics starts with meticulous planning. We’ll map out the design, data flow, and other design elements we can include in the graphic. After the planning process, our content specialists will get to work and create the copy. We’ll also incorporate the data and stats we’ve gathered from research. Then, your content will go through a final round of edits to ensure that it’s sending the right message and includes accurate data.

After approving your content, we’ll design it with your branding principles in mind. Our designers follow best practices when creating visuals. We use eye-catching colors, layouts, and other design elements that best show off the best side of your brand.

Testing & Revision

Once we’ve finalized your infographic’s content and design, we conduct tests to see how effective it is. Our tests help us identify areas of improvement and we revise your infographic based on these insights. These revisions can include design changes, content edits, and other necessary changes. Once everything has been ironed out, it’s ready for publication on your website and other digital platforms.

Our infographics team follows this streamlined process to help you send the right message to the right people, at the right time. This way, you can ensure that your infographic keeps your customers and site visitors engaged.

Publishing & Outreach

After approving your infographic, we’ll publish it on your website and other digital touchpoints. Our SEO and digital marketing experts will promote your content so that it can be found easily online. We’ll pitch your infographic to content publishers through effective link-building, guest posting, and other outreach strategies.

Marketing your content doesn’t stop with our outreach team. Our digital marketers will help promote your infographic on multiple marketing channels like email and social media. By expanding your reach, you can connect with more leads.

Performance Analytics

Infographics can help boost your brand’s online performance because it offers your readers relevant, bite-sized info. We’ll monitor performance using advanced analytics tools and make changes to improve results. We can also revisit and re-optimize your previous content to ensure relevance. 

And to keep you in the loop, our team will provide regular reports on performance. We’ll update you on the progress of your project, address any concerns, and open the floor for suggestions on how to improve your branding efforts even further. This way, we can continue producing engaging, educational infographics with optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is infographic design?

Infographic design follows the same aesthetic principles involved in graphic design. The only difference is that since it’s an infographic, it requires designers to express data into an informative, easy-to-digest format. 

Since infographics are graphic visual representations of data, you’ll need to present your key findings in a way that would make it easier for your audience to identify patterns and trends.

Infographic design covers the following principles:

  • Planning and sketching designs
  • Telling a story through organized data
  • Building a list of easy, reliable visual associations
  • Keeping purpose and tone in mind

How do you design a good infographic?

  • Create a compelling narrative by properly organizing your data.
  • Present clear and accurate info. Scale your charts to show different tidbits of info in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Arrange your content so it’s easy on the eyes. Organized content lets readers easily skim your graphic so they can take away your main points.
  • Pick legible fonts over decorative ones. Script fonts are difficult to read, and serif fonts may divert attention from the info you’re presenting. 
  • Design with minimalism in mind. Pick simple colors such as black, white, or blue. Using too many colors or bold hues could detract one’s attention and make your graphic difficult to read. A simple palette will convey your data more effectively.
  • Use simple and clean illustrations to help readers visualize your main points.

How do I create infographics for my site?

Follow these steps when creating an infographic:

  1. Identify your target audience.
  2. Define your goal.
  3. Choose a topic.
  4. Gather data from credible sources.
  5. Create an outline.
  6. Write your copy.
  7. Fact-check your content and cite your sources.
  8. Create a wireframe.
  9. Add design elements.
  10. Publish your infographic.

How long does it take to make an infographic?

Infographics take about a month to produce, and this timeframe covers everything from planning to publishing.

The length it takes to produce could also depend on the type of graphic you’re creating. Keep in mind that infographics feature time-sensitive data. For example, if you want to cover current events, you should keep an eye out for updates so your data is up-to-date. The tracking of news updates may generally take up more time than if you’re just making a promotional graphic. Promotional infographics may take less time to produce since you just need to make sure you’re using the right tone and that your graphic is shareable.

What makes an effective infographic?

A great infographic is characterized by the following elements:

  • It presents clear, organized data that’s easy to understand.
  • It’s well-designed and makes essential elements stand out.
  • It tells a good story.
  • It features relevant, digestible info that readers can skim.

How much does it cost to make an infographic?

The cost of an infographic can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. For instance, if you look up infographic design services some agencies may charge between from $1,000 to $2,000.

The price will depend on different factors, including the following:

  • Data research
  • Presentation
  • Do-it-yourself or professional design
  • Other design add-ons

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