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Get Your Business Ready for Growth with Strategic Consulting

Digital marketing can get your business out into the online world. Working with an online marketing consulting firm can help you make the most out of that opportunity. As your partner, Growth Rocket will give you helpful insights and robust strategies for your campaigns. Our expertise helps your business gear up for long-term success.

Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals with the Right Strategies

Heading into the digital marketing battleground without the right tactics won’t make you last for long. But with a well-planned strategy, you can keep your eyes on your targets and hit them with precision. It also helps you take a step closer to victory. Let our digital marketing consultants dive deep into your business and craft a winning strategy.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Consultants

As more businesses go online, the competition gets fiercer. Standing out in a competitive digital landscape is no easy feat, and you’ll need an excellent strategy to stand out. By partnering with our marketing consulting agency, your business can smoothly navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Every brand has a different approach to online marketing, and uses different tactics to achieve their goals. When you work with our team, you’ll get a strategy that sets you apart and ensures optimal results. We know digital marketing like the back of our hand, and we use our expertise to create an action plan.

Collaboration is essential to every strategy we develop. Our marketing, SEO, web development, and content teams work together to help you succeed online. We take each team’s inputs and use them to craft a winning game plan.

Our Formula for Success

Digital marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. Businesses spend plenty of time and effort on their marketing campaigns, with varying results. Some companies reign supreme over competitors, however, and it’s partly because they have a well-planned, agile strategy in place.

Get strategic direction from Growth Rocket and help your business thrive online. We follow a straightforward process to ensure the best results.

Dive into your business

At Growth Rocket, we believe that a brand's strategy should reflect its goals and needs. We dig deep into your business and analyze every detail. Our review helps us get a clear picture of your brand and its targets. This way, we can craft a robust strategy for your business.

Assess your performance

Data is also at the forefront of our digital marketing strategies. Our advanced analytics tools serve as our eyes for assessing your performance. Looking at your current numbers tells us where your strategy should focus on. Moreover, our analysis helps us find the best tactics to use.

Devise your gameplan

After taking a closer look at your business and its performance, we'll start crafting your action plan. We'll make sure your strategy will launch you light years ahead of the competition. To make this happen, we make sure your game plan covers all channels and platforms.

Test, execute, & tweak

Planning how you’ll dominate the SERPs is one thing but setting that plan into motion is another. We'll test, implement, and tweak your strategy to ensure that everything works for your business. By following this process, we can help steer your brand toward long-term success.

Our Clients

Growth Rocket is the agency of choice for a diverse roster of clients. We have driven results for emerging brands in South East Asia to big businesses in the US, Australia, and the UK. They continue to trust us to deploy end-to-end strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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What We Can Do For You

Strategic Consulting & Direction

Whether you’re a new business or a long-established brand, venturing into digital marketing is a challenge. It can get overwhelming, with multiple concepts and processes to absorb. By turning to our consultants for help, you’ll learn how online marketing works for your business. Moreover, you can see things from an outside perspective.

Our digital marketing consultants will act as external advisers for your brand. They’ll share their expertise to help your business grow. Also, our team will go over your brand’s identity, goals, and needs. Looking at these different areas can help us craft a robust action plan.

Apart from planning, we’ll help you resolve issues with your campaigns. Our team will give your business the support it needs through strategic solutions.

Marketing Strategy Development

Internet marketing is a tough road to navigate. With more and more businesses popping up online, you don’t want to lose your voice and get caught up in the competition. A well-planned strategy gives you a clear path to tread and sets you up for success.

Crafting a robust marketing strategy starts with knowing your target audience. It’s extremely important that your tactics focus on your potential customers, and our consultants can help. We’ll help you set your marketing targets and align your strategy with them to achieve the best results.

Our digital marketing strategy consultants will analyze your target market, too. Their research will help you find the right people to reach out to. And of course, our team will refine your marketing tactics.

Performance Tracking & Management

Once we’ve created your digital marketing strategy, we don’t leave it on autopilot. Instead, we’ll come back and monitor the results. Through performance tracking, you can get a closer look at your strategy’s progress.

To gauge your campaign’s success, we use advanced analytics tools. These tools let us track metrics like website performance, user behavior, and engagement. Furthermore, our analytics tools help us compare current and previous data. By taking a closer look at your digital marketing performance, we can measure the impact of our action plan. More importantly, we can identify areas of improvement.

Of course, measuring your success isn’t a one-way street. We’ll discuss your performance with you regularly so you stay in the loop.

Planning & Product Launch

Got a new product or solution you’d like to share with the world? Our product launch team can bring your idea to life. Expertise, creativity, and discipline are essential to launching a product, and we’ve got those attributes down pat.

Every product is unique because it addresses different pain points of different customers. We refine your branding even further by providing fresh insights on how your product can meet their expectations. Also, we’ll scope out your competitors and define what sets you apart. Creating buyer personas is also important because they help us deliver the ideal product for your customer’s needs.

Developing and launching your product are the best parts of the pre-launch. We’ll re-introduce and bring out the best side of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant crafts, executes, and monitors the online marketing strategies of a business. They choose and leverage the right tactics to help brands drive sales and achieve growth.

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

Online marketing consultants help businesses discover new opportunities to connect with customers. They also assess current marketing campaigns and think of effective campaigns that brands can use moving forward.

Since branding is also important in digital marketing, consultants can assist in rebranding. For example, they could change how brands reach out to customers. Lastly, they can also plan content, manage marketing campaigns, and track performance.

Why should I hire a digital marketing consulting firm?

Hiring a consulting company gives you a bird’s eye view of your business. What are you doing right? How can you improve? Working with consultants also means you’ll get to collaborate with SEO, design, social media, content, and paid advertising specialists. You can also reduce costs and measure profitability when you hire a digital marketing consultancy.

How do I pick the right digital marketing consultant?

First, know your marketing strategy. Take a closer look at your current tactics, assess how effective they are, and identify your targets.

Then, start searching for a consultant online. Narrow down your search by looking at their website and reading reviews. You can also take a closer look at what services the consultant offers, and if they specialize in strategic direction.

If you have a vast network, you can even ask around for referrals.

What should I ask a digital marketing consultant?

Before hiring a consultant, ask them about their experience in your industry. You can also ask for case studies to see how they delivered results for their previous clients.

Other questions you should ask a potential internet marketing consulting firm should be about price, content and link building strategies, as well as expertise in sales and analytics.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketing consultant?

Consultants can charge anywhere from $75 to $500 per hour. The consultant’s expertise and the complexity of the project can influence how their services will cost. In particular, these factors could also determine whether you’ll be given a flat rate or project-based pricing scheme.

You can also hire a consultant or consulting firm on retainer. Monthly consulting fees for small to medium-sized businesses range from $1,000 to $20,000.

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