Creating a Custom Storefront on Facebook Shops

Engaging with your target market on different social media platforms makes your business successful. Facebook is an excellent place to start since it has over 2.6 billion active...

Anissa Maligat
Anissa Maligat October 7, 2020

Engaging with your target market on different social media platforms makes your business successful. Facebook is an excellent place to start since it has over 2.6 billion active monthly users that might include your potential customers.

Without a Facebook store, your business is missing out on opportunities for growth. After all, it’s not just big companies that are using Facebook shops to expand their businesses. Even eCommerce shops and small businesses use Facebook marketing, as well. The Shops feature on Facebook lets you do just that — it’s an easier way for people to find and buy your products.

But how can you use Facebook Shops to your brand’s advantage? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Shops feature and outline the process of setting up your Facebook storefront.

What is the Facebook Shops Feature?

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Facebook Shops is a new feature that lets businesses display products on your Facebook and Instagram page, just like in physical stores. It’s also Facebook’s way of reducing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, letting users buy products online rather than in physical stores.

Through Facebook Shops, your business can offer specific items in custom collections so customers can find them more easily. The feature also allows you to tweak your shop’s layout and colors so that it stands out from other Facebook stores. And what’s more, Facebook Shops lets you use Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct to communicate with more customers.

What Do You Need to Start a Facebook Store?

Facebook has certain requirements for businesses that want to use Shops. Here’s a list of what you’ll need so you can sell products on the platform.

But those requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also need to:

Now that we’ve tackled the Shops feature and the requirements for setting up a Facebook store, let’s look at how your business can create a shop.

How Do You Set Up Facebook Shops for Your Store?

Once you’ve got the green light from Facebook to start using Facebook Shops, you can integrate the feature into your virtual storefront. The steps below will help you set up the Shops feature for your store:

  1. Set up a Facebook Commerce Manager account
  2. Create a collection
  3. Customize your storefront
  4. Publish your Facebook shop

We’ll go through each step one by one.

Create a Commerce Manager Account

Screenshot from the Facebook Commerce Manager

For this step, Facebook’s Commerce Manager will give you the option to use the Shops feature on your storefront or manage it from an eCommerce platform. You’ll see these options after clicking the “Start Selling” button on the Commerce Manager homepage.

Use Facebook Shops on Your Store’s Page

Screenshot from the Facebook Commerce Manager

If you’re setting up Facebook Shops for your store, you can start by clicking on the “Get Started for Facebook” button. The next page will show you Facebook’s requirements for setting up your store. To start setting up your Commerce Manager account, click Next.

You’ll see the following sections on the next page:

The Business Information section is the first step you’ll take in setting up your Facebook Shop page. Facebook will help you pick a store name, integrate Commerce Manager into an existing page, and verify if you’ve created a Business Manager account. Facebook will offer useful tips for the last two steps, so you won’t have to worry if you’re using the platform for the first time.

Set Up a Facebook Shop from an eCommerce Platform

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This option is ideal for businesses with eCommerce websites. By linking your eCommerce platform to your Facebook store, managing and updating your inventory will be much easier. 

Shopify is a platform that offers Facebook Shops integration. If you have a Shopify account, you can use this feature. Here’s how to set up your shop via Shopify:

  1. Once you’ve created or logged in to your Shopify account, click the “Sales Channels” option on your dashboard.
  2. Add Facebook as your store’s sales channel by clicking the plus icon.
  3. The next screen will show you various options for Facebook integration. To link your Facebook store to Shopify, click the “Connect Account” button.
  4. Click OK on the next screen to allow Shopify to “manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage.”
  5. Choose the Facebook page you want to create a store for, then click the “Connect Page” button.
  6. Read Facebook’s Seller’s Terms and Conditions carefully. Then, click “Accept Terms.”

Create a Collection

Screenshot from Facebook for Business

After setting up Facebook Shops, you can start creating your product collections. Adding collections on Facebook is different from Shopify, and we’ll tackle both methods in this section.

Adding Collections on Facebook

Before creating a collection through Facebook Shops, make sure you’re logged in to your Commerce Manager account.

  1. Click the “Create Collection” option on Commerce Manager.
  2. Add a name, description, and cover image to each collection. You can use up to 20 characters for your collection name, including emojis. Meanwhile, descriptions have a 200-character limit. As for your cover image, Facebook will accept 1080 x 810-pixel images with a 4:3 ratio.

Creating more collections after your first collection is also possible. Just click the “Create Another Collection” option to add another collection.

Adding Collections on Shopify

Once Facebook approves your shop, you can create and add product collections through Shopify. Here’s how to add your collections from the platform:

  1. Click the “Products” tab on your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Choose the products that you want to include to your collection.
  3. Click the “Actions” button, then click “Make products available.”
  4. Click the checkbox next to the Facebook option on the pop-up window, then click the “Make products available” button.

Customize Your Shop’s Storefront

Screenshot from Facebook for Business

Customizing a storefront through Facebook Shops allows you to showcase your brand identity. Let’s look at how you can personalize your store with Facebook’s Commerce Manager and Shopify.

Customizing a Storefront via Facebook

  1. Go to the Commerce Manager, then click the “Shops” option.
  2. On the Shops page, choose the store you want to edit.
  3. Click “Edit.” A dedicated editing page for your shop will appear, with Layout and Style tabs. The “Layout” tab will allow you to change collection layouts on your shop’s page, while the “Style” tab will let you customize your store’s colors, button sizes, and text.

Customizing a Storefront via Shopify

  1. On your Shopify dashboard, click the “Publishing” tab under the Facebook option.
  2. Add, remove, or organize your Facebook online store’s collections.

Publish Your Facebook Shop

Screenshot from Facebook for Business

How Do You Create a Facebook Shop on a Business Page?

Facebook initially rolled out the Shops feature to the US before expanding to several countries outside North America. Apart from the US, Canada, and South American, Middle Eastern, and Asia-Pacific countries use Facebook Shops.

If your business isn’t in any of the regions we’ve mentioned, you’ll need to create a Facebook page shop. The feature enables instant selling, and you can easily link your online store to Facebook Shops once it’s available in your region.

To set up your Facebook page shop, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your page’s “Shop” tab.
  2. Read and agree to the Merchant Terms and Conditions.
  3. Choose a checkout method for your store. Facebook provides two options: Message to Buy or Check Out on Another Website.
  4. Choose the currency that you’ll use.
  5. Add products to your store. Click the “Add Product” button and prepare your product images, prices, descriptions, names, and check out links. Then, click “Add Product” to finish. 
  6. Create product collections. Start by clicking the “Add Collection” button, then + Add Collection. Name your collection and select products that you’ll include in your collection.

Businesses based in the US can follow almost all of the steps above in creating their Facebook page shops, except for step two. Facebook requires these stores to provide their tax and payment details.

Additionally, stores in the US can manage orders from their Facebook page shops. Just select the “Publishing Tools” option, then click “Pending Orders” on the left-hand side menu to manage your orders.

How Can You Get More Sales with Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops can help you boost sales and expand your reach, but you’ll need to follow the best Facebook selling practices. Here are a few tips to help generate sales using Shops.

Set Up Your Virtual Storefront Through Facebook Shops

Creating your virtual storefront on Facebook and Shopify provides an opportunity to promote your brand and boost engagement. Giving your customers the option to buy your products directly on Facebook also reduces sales friction since they won’t have to leave your site at all.

Setting up a custom storefront on Facebook shops is just the first step to promoting your products and services on social media. Looking for more ways to expand your customer base online? Achieve long-term success when you partner with Growth Rocket for your digital marketing needs. Get in touch with us today.

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