Rein Sambilay

Rein is a digital marketing practitioner with several years of experience in developing, implementing, and analyzing user-focused campaigns for e-commerce sites.

Specializing in setting positive end-to-end e-commerce experiences, Rein has engineered ancillary marketing channels via SEM, display advertising and retargeting, email and database marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media management.

He has created email campaigns for customer retention and remarketing using a variety of techniques in customer lifecycle, RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis, segmentation, and best practices for user interface. His background in web content development and online community management developed his ability to craft compelling messages that engage online customers.

Rein loves conducting empirical user experience studies and analyses, combined with a hefty dose of analytics and user-based research. He believes that understanding user behaviors is a critical step in running a successful digital marketing campaign.

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