MC Rogado

MC is a well-rounded web development executive with seven years of experience in project management, team management, website and software development, and programming.

He has handled and mastered every phase of the end-to-end development process—from architecture planning, creating technical specifications, designing the website/software, setting the servers, and deploying the code to managing the database and releasing the finished product.

His proficient use of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Magento—and even creation of custom CMS from scratch—has been valuable in building successful e-commerce websites for Growth Rocket’s clients. He is also well versed in a variety of programming languages, including PHP, Python, ActionScript, MySQL, JavaScript, and many more.

MC loves to explore the vast world of modern technology, spending most of his day on a computer to enrich his knowledge and skills. He is equally passionate about sharing his creative, results-driven solutions and insights in a way that colleagues and clients can easily understand.

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