Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

By | March 18, 2019

The social media landscape has always been ever-changing. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms consistently introduce innovative features or affordances to users and brands. These features add various elements to the platforms that created them, whether they’re new interfaces, multiple consumption habits, or different types of communication. These social media tools also help […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

By | February 11, 2019

With the rise of social media and continued accessibility of smart gadgets, digital marketing has become the gold standard of the advertising industry. Digital marketing has become an essential component in any successful business, whether if it is a small startup or a widely known household brand. If you are planning to jumpstart your digital […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Micro Influencers

By | February 4, 2019

Living in an age where consumers can easily get their hands on vast amounts of data, it is imperative for you to develop more compelling advertising strategies that not only sell but also inform and engage your intended audience. This can be achieved by utilizing different marketing channels cohesively or simply improving user experience as […]

Develop Your Online Business with the Right E-commerce Software

By | January 28, 2019

E-commerce presents numerous advantages to entrepreneurs and companies. For one, e-commerce businesses are open around the clock, which means customers can browse and purchase your products at any time. Your online shop can attract different types of shoppers, from those who normally shop in physical stores to those who’re too busy to shop in person. […]

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

By | January 21, 2019

Due to technological advancements and the proliferation of new communication channels, digital marketing has evolved, with many of the most innovative brands focusing on providing their leads and customers with a unified and cohesive user experience.   Two recent terminologies that have entered the digital marketing lexicon are omnichannel marketing and multichannel marketing. First introduced […]

Developing Your Digital Marketing Funnel

By | January 14, 2019

If your business has a website, you’d want visitors to engage and take action. Perhaps you want them to fill up a form or make a purchase. And when they do either of the two, you get a conversion. To reach this conversion, your guest goes through what is called the marketing funnel.   Every […]

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

By | January 2, 2019

Before your current clients chose your business as the best entity that could satisfy their needs, they first had to go through a journey. But what is this “journey” that we are talking about? It’s known as the buyer’s journey, and it’s the process buyers go through before they decide to purchase a product or […]

Essential Skills for Content Marketers

By | December 24, 2018

If you want to succeed in content marketing today, you can’t get by with just a basic understanding of the discipline. There are many moving parts to oversee and practitioners need to master a broad range of specializations.     Aside from possessing a broad skill set, content marketers also need to keep an eye […]

An Introduction to Messenger Marketing

By | December 17, 2018

In their daily communication, people are slowly moving away from emails, SMS, and phone calls, with many switching to mobile-friendly messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Messenger apps have grown in popularity because people find it easier, faster, and more convenient to communicate with others using these platforms.   People are also […]

Developing Buyer Personas for Your Business

By | December 10, 2018

Before diving into paid advertising and content marketing, you need to develop a strong understanding of your buyers. Knowing who buys your products and why will help you maximize on your advertising return-on-investment (ROI) and produce content that really resonates with your target audience.   To gain a deeper understanding of your core customer segments, […]