Creative Digital Marketing Coordinator

Growth Rocket is a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency specializing in multi-channel Customer Acquisition, Product Development and Search Engine Optimization. With offices in Los Angeles, California USA and Makati City, Philippines; Growth Rocket is looking for talented, highly-driven individuals to join our growing team.

Growth Rocket is looking for a creative outcome-based digital marketing coordinator. You will manage and spearhead production and creative marketing efforts essential to influence campaign performance. You must be self-sufficient, driven and proactive in terms of creative ideation and execution.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Ideate content and execute creative theories for advertising campaigns
  • Manage creating, developing, delivering advertising assets and leverage theories to influence overall campaign performance
  • Assist in planning, developing and implementing marketing strategies, including generating ideas and creating original content that caters to client’s requirements
  • Monitor and consider success measures including ROI and conversions
  • Assist in managing social media platforms and accounts by providing the team’s creative needs
  • Ensure all social profiles adhere to best practice and accurately reflect the brand
  • Ideate theories and creative execute via flawless storytelling to drive engagement and build brand value across our multiple marketing channels
  • Track and manage campaign changes and provide insights for performance improvement
  • Liaise with other departments as needed
  • Participate and provide input during client meetings
  • Other tasks as needed
  • Years of experience working on marketing/advertising campaigns and projects
  • Understanding and past experience creating integrated creative content across all marketing channels from digital, social media, paid media, but also understand offline and print (brochures)
  • Proven experience with concept development
  • Strong creative vision with an understanding of business objectives
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (required)
  • Adobe Premiere for the video (preferred but not required)
  • Adobe Photoshop (preferred but not required)

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